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The Head Family - the younger William Head.

the younger William Head
Born: 1660 in VA.
Died: 1711 in Richmond Co., VA

Elizabeth Morgan in 1695 in VA
Born: 1660 in VA,
Died: 1711 in Richmond Co., VA

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The younger William Head was the son of the elder William Head and an unknown spouse, possibly Martha Chambers. His father was a resident of Stafford Co., VA at the time of his birth.

Very little is known.
He may have been married twice as his first son was born in 1675, five years before the listed date of his marriage to Elizabeth Morgan. If so, the name of the first wife is unknown.

Based on the stated places of the birth of his children, he moved several times but remained within 100 miles of his birthplace. The listed birthplaces of his children were: Middlesex, Culpepper, and Lancaster in VA. During his moves, he retained ownership of the St. Mary’s Parish, Richmond Co., VA farm.

He may have been a farmer but his occupation is unclear.

While he owned land in Richmond Co., VA, no reference has been located to other landholdings.

His place of death may have been Lancaster Co., VA but was probably Richmond Co., VA as his son, Alfred, inherited the Richmond Co. land.

Many sources have been unable to differentiate between St. Mary’s Parrish near Warsaw, Richmond County, VA and an active church of the name in the City of Richmond, Wise County, VA.

His listed children are:
Anthony Head, born 1675 in Middlesex Co., VA, died 1742 in Orange Co., VA.
James Head, born 1680 in Culpepper Co., VA, died 1748 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.
John Head, born 1685, may have died as a child.
Alfred Head, born 1690 in Culpepper, VA, died 1710 in Culpepper, VA.
William Head, born 1693 in VA, died 1765 in Spotsylvania, VA.
Henry Head, born 1695 in Lancaster Co., VA, died 1765 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. See separate entry.
George Head, born 1823 in Orange Co., VA, died 1780 in Surry, NC. This person was not the child of the younger William Head. His ancestry is unclear other that his father was another William Head.

Map:  the younger William Head

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