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The Head Family - William Head

William Head
Born: 8 Apr, 1584, Hithe, England; Emigrated: Before 1622, Jamestown, VA; Died: 22 Mar, 1622, Powle Brook, VA
Married before 1605:
Susan NMN
Born: 1588 in England; Emigrated: 1836, Jamestown, VA; Died: Aug, 1838, Accomack, VA

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His name is also listed as “de Hede” and “Hede,” indicating some connection to the minor nobility of England. His father, James Head (1560-1592), was born in Middlesex and died in St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, England and some state that he had been knighted at some point or that an ancestor held the title of a knight. An alternate birth location for William Head was given as Berkshire, Warwickire, England, and the home of his grandfather.

One source states that he was married three times. If so, the names of his first two wives are unrecorded. He married Susan NMN and their first child, James, was born in Hithe, England in 1605. A daughter, Bridget, was born on 1 March, 1615 in Beenham, Berkshire, England.

His occupation and status is unknown (possibly a farmer) and he may have had some resources as his wife and children remained in England when he immigrated to Virginia. His emigration status, as a “gentleman adventurer” or as an indentured servant, is unknown.

Comment: It is likely that he was a “gentleman adventurer” as he apparently had resources in England to support his wife and children while he sought to establish himself in the Virginia Colony. It should be noted that his wife and children later had sufficient funds to emigrate in 1636.

In 1620, the Virginia Colony had a population of about 1200 English surrounded by a number of Indian tribes. The colony had expanded along the James River with isolated settlements as far north as Henrico and the Richmond area.

Captain Nathaniel Powell, a settler from 1608 and one-time acting Governor of the Colony settled Powle Brook plantation on (now) Powell’s Creek about five miles east of (now) Hopewell, VA. It is unknown if William Head held an interest in the settlement, was a paid employee or was an indentured servant. An Indian village was nearby.

On 22 March, 1622 the Indians attacked the entire colony in a coordinated effort. At least 345 English were killed, about one-third of the colony’s population. At Powle Brook, the entire settlement of 11 or 12 people were killed, including William Head.

The plantation was sold by the Powell heirs and renamed Merchants Hope.

Susan Head:
Susan Head and their children had remained in England. In 1636, she, her son James and his wife and her daughter Bridget emigrated to VA. She may have retained inherence in the colony or the family may have been attracted by the liberal land grant policies of that time.

The family settled in Accomack County on the Virginia Eastern Shore. She died in 1638.

James Head – See separate entry.

Bridget Head (1615-1684) married Francis Sherwood in 1838 and died in Rappahannock, VA in 1684. One child listed.

Map:  William Head

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