The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

William Benjamin Huff, M.D.
9 May 1817 - Aft. 1870

married on 24 Dec 1839

Barbara Williams Anthony
1818 - 1870
8 children


The Children of Robert Huff

Robert Huff
Sarah H. Huff

Huff Family

Note: The compiler is indebted to Myrtle Davis Shaw and her Family History for details contained in this article.

Apparently crippled as a child, he was self-educated beyond grammar school. He had opened his own school when he married Barbara Anthony in 1839. He and his wife were living in the Goosepond Dist. in 1840. He is shown with one slave, possibly a body servant owned by his father.

He was awarded three male slaves by his father’s estate in 1842. He and his brother, Thomas Pool Huff, bought Lot 5 (378 acres) of his father’s estate at a public sale. Lot 5 was north of, and bordered, Sarah Huff’s home and the Echols Mill millpond. Within a year the property was sold to Nathan Harris (260 acres) and William Glenn (70 acres), the husband of Elizabeth Huff, their sister.

At some point in the 1840’s, William B. Huff was admitted to practice as a Physician after training under another local Physician. A Physician practiced non-invasive medicine as opposed to a Surgeon that practiced surgery. William Huff was known as an Herbalist in addition to being a Physician. He was known to keep detailed notes on his patients and their treatment.

In 1845, he sold an 84-acre tract on Goospond Creek to Joseph Smith. In 1846 another tract of 85 acres was sold in a Sheriff’s Sale to William B. Dewpree. His purchase of neither tract was recorded.
William B. Huff, his wife and five children were living next to Sarah Huff in the Glades Dist. in 1850, according to the Census Report. He was not shown with any property, indicating that he may have been living on the Dower Lands. He did not own any slaves.

In 1851, his share of the Dower Lands was sold at a Sheriff’s Sale to William H. Glenn, the husband of his sister, Elizabeth Huff Glenn. Also, in 1851, William Glenn bought 70 acres on Millstone Creek from him. This may have been the final payment and recording for the tract that William Glenn had purchased in 1844. The 1844 sale was recorded under the name of Thomas P. Huff, only.

At some point in the 1850’s he moved to Danielsville, Madison Co., GA to practice medicine in a new environment. According to his journals, he continued to treat members of the Huff family in Danielsville.

The 1860 Census recorded William B. Huff in Danielsville with his wife and seven children and practicing as a Physician. A real estate value of $ 1, 600 was scratched out as he was apparently renting his land. He had personal property of $ 1, 545. At some point between 1860 and 1863 he moved to Jackson Co., GA.

In 1863, every county in GA conducted an Enrollment of every white male for future army draft purposes. William B. Huff was enrolled near Jefferson, Jackson County and his occupation was as a Shoemaker. He is not listed as serving in the Civil War, possibly because he was a cripple.

William B. Huff was listed in the 1870 Census at age 53 with an adult daughter; Eliza B., age 20, “Without Occupation;’” and 3 minor children. His wife, Barbara, had apparently died previously. He was listed as a Farmer/Laborer. Also listed in his home was R. W. Huff, age 28, “Without Occupation.” This was Richard Washington Huff, the orphan son of his brother, John Peter Huff.

The date of death of William B. Huff is unknown and his grave has not been located.

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