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The Hulsey Family - Vincent Hulsey

Vincent Nicholas Hulsey
Seventh Son of Adonijah Hulsey
Fourth Generation, Direct Ancestor
Born: 1799 in Greenville Dist., SC
Died: 1870 in Catoosa Co., GA
Spouseless Relationship:

1) Hannah NMN about 1818
Born: About 1795 in SC or GA
Died: After 1870 in Hall Co., GA

2) Nancy Simmons about 1832
Born: 1805 in NC
Died: 1879 in Catoosa Co., GA

The Wives of Vincent Hulsey
The Hulsey Family
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The Huff Family

Vincent Hulsey was born in 1799 in Pendleton Dist., Greenville Co., SC to Adonijah Hulsey, Sr. and Sarah NMN. Sarah was possibly of Cherokee ancestry. He was shown as Nicholas Hulsey in the 1820 Census.
Vincent was illiterate through his life according to U.S. Census Records.

Life to 1832:
Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Franklin Co. and then to Jackson Co., now Hall Co. before 1818, GA. Adonijah’s first recorded home farm was in 1818. His previous GA residency was in Jackson Co., GA, but no deed has been recorded of the earlier property. Adonijah was shown as an adjoining property owner to a property owned by his brother, Adler, in Jackson Co., GA in 1818. This was before the formation of Hall Co. in late 1818.

Vincent, listed as Nicholas, was shown as a defaulter on the Jackson Co, Tax list in 1812 in Capt. Boren’s Dist. He would have been about 13 years old at this time and Adonijah may have listed his son as the property owner. Or, this Nicholas Hulsey may have been of a separate line of Hulseys.

In 1817 or 1818, Vincent entered into a spouseless relationship with Hannah NMN (1796-aft.1870). (See Wives of Vincent Hulsey.) He was residing in Hall Co., GA at this time.

Vincent Hulsey was the fortunate drawer of Lot 245, Section 1 in Early County, GA in the 1820 Land Lottery. Many that were awarded lots regarded as the property as an asset to cash out by selling the land, generally sight unseen. Apparently Vincent was one of those.

The 1820 Census listed Vincent Hulsey, as Nicholas Hulsey, residing in Hall County with 1 Free White Male (Vincent), 2 Free White Females under 5 (names unknown) and 1 Free White Female 16 to 25 (Hannah).

In 1821 Adonijah Hulsey sold 150 acres to Hiram Hulsey, his son. Vincent Hulsey witnessed this deed, signing with an “X,” indicating he was illiterate.

Vincent Hulsey was shown in the 1830 Census, Capt. Buffington’s Dist., Hall Co., GA. His family consisted of 1 Free White Male under 5 (Jesse H. Hulsey?), 1 Free White Male 5 to 9 (name unknown), 1 Free White Male 30 to 39 (Vincent), 1 Free White Female under 5 (name unknown), 1 Free White Female 5 to 9 (name unknown) and 1 Free White Female 40 to 45 (Hannah). One daughter shown in the 1820 Census was not shown and had possibly died before 1830.

Live After 1832:
At some point between 1830 and 1833, Vincent Hulsey severed his relationship with Hannah NMN and entered into a spouseless relationship with Nancy Simmons (1805-aft. 1870). The new family moved to Walton Co., GA. Two of Vincent’s children by Hannah moved with him, a son age of 10 to 15 and a daughter age of 10 to 15 at the time of the move.

Two children, Jesse H. and a name unknown daughter, remained with Hannah in Hall Co., GA.

The 1840 Census for Walton Co., GA shows a blended family of Vincent Hulsey and Nancy Simmons. The family consisted of: 1 Male 0 to 5 (Pink, son of Vincent and Nancy), 1 Male 5 to 9 (NFN Simmons, child of Nancy and possibly Vincent), 1 Male 15 to 19 (NFN Male 1 Hulsey, child of Vincent), 1 Male 40 to 49 (Vincent), 1 Female 10 to 14 (NFN Simmons, child of Nancy), 1 Female 15 to 19 (NFN Female 1 Hulsey, child of Vincent) and 1 Female 40 to 49 (Nancy). The Census states that both Vincent and Nancy were illiterate.

At some point in the 1840’s Vincent and Nancy moved to Walker (later Catoosa) Co., GA. Vincent had a brother, Jesse (Hamilton) Hulsey, living in Catoosa Co.

Vincent Hulsey is shown in Walker (later Catoosa) Co., GA in 1850 with a household including himself, Nancy, Pink (son) and Bradford Simmons (son). The other children are not shown and, as adults, may have left home.  These children's names and lives have not been found in any research.

Vincent and Nancy lived to at least 1870 as they are shown in the Census that year. The records indicate that he was living near Grayville, Catoosa Co., GA. The actual date of his death is unsure and no marked grave has been found.

Their son, Bradford Simmons Hulsey is shown in the 1880 Census under the name “Hulcy.”
The fate of Pink Hulsey is unknown.
John Hulsey died in 1864 in rome, GA. Whether his death was the result of the Civil War is unknown. Bradford Simmons Hulsey married Sallie Nichols. They had five children and some of their descendents remain in Catoosa Co. and the Chattooga, TN area.

Vincent Hulusey Migration

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