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The Head Family - The Three Head Brothers of North Hall.

The Three Head Brothers
Of North Hall Co., GA

George Washington Head
Born: 18 Jan 1856 in Hall Co., GA
Died: 22 Nov 1925 in Hall Co., GA

Benjamin Marion F. P. Head
Born: 19 Jan 1861 in Walker Co., GA
Died: 18 Apr 1944 in Hall Co., GA

I. J. Sampson Head
Born: 11 July 1863 in Walker Co., GA
Died: 14 Apr 1937 in Hall Co., GA

George Washington Head
Benjamin Marion Head
I. J. Sampson Head
The Head Family
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Three of the sons of Isaac Marion Head and Amanda C. Pierce were closely associated most or their life. Another brother, Jasper MacDonald Head shared their lives until about 1880 when he married and moved to White County.

About 1858, the small family moved to Walker County, GA where their father died during the Civil War. In 1865, Amanda Head moved her family back to Hall County in a one-horse wagon to escape the war. Washington, the eldest was nine years old at the time. The family first lived with Amanda’s father, Sampson Pearce, for a short time.

Amanda Head bought a small farm at the intersection of (now) Kenimer Road and (now) Shoal Creek Road. The first few years on this farm was a hard-scrabble existence that affected the habits of the boys their entire lives. Family tradition states that their food was limited to what they could raise. There were not funds for the education of the children during this time. As a result of their childhood, the boys were frugal and careful with their assets their entire lives.

In 1871, Amanda was able to purchase a new farm composed of 40 acres on (now) Shoal Creek Road at the White County line and the adjoining 150 acres on Walker Mountain in White County for $ 375. (Hall Co., GA Deed Records Book J, page 492). She and her sons, ranging in age from 15 to 8, begin cutting the lumber from the Walker Mountain land and eventually established comfortable to wealthy lives beginning with the proceeds from the lumber andl and business.

The four brothers operated as a family unit until Mack Head married in 1880 and moved to White County. The remaining there brothers continued in the lumber business while later buying and operating their own farms. George Washington and Benjamin bought and divided a 50-acre farm in 1880 and established their own households. Sampson continued living with his mother until 1883 when she married and Sampson bought her 40-acre farm.

One source states that they operated a water-driven sawmill on Shoal Creek in White County. If they did, no real estate purchase is on record. Later, they may have rented a water powered sawmill on Eubanks Creek that they bought in 1902.

Over the years the brothers separately and together in various combinations bought and sold several parcels of property, some for the timber and some as investments.

Apparently the lumber business became less attractive to George Washington and Benjamin in the middle 1900’s. Benjamin became more interested in real estate and Washington became more interested if his banking and financial interests. Benjamin bought property in Gainesville in 1908 and a larger farm in the same year.

By 1910 only Sampson remained as an active operator in the lumber business.
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Three Head Brother's homes

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