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The Hulsey Family - Special Report:  Where Did They Go?

Special Report:
Where Did They Go?
The Final Location of the
Fourth Generation.

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The Four Hulsey Brothers
The Hulsey Family
The Head Family
The Huff Family

Where Did They Go?

The third generation of the Hulsey family generally lived close together during much of their lives. They all lived within ten miles of one another until Charles III migrated first to TN and later to AR. The other four, James J., Jesse, Sr., Adonijah and Adler, all died in Hall Co., GA., living within 5 miles of each other.

The fourth generation migrated across six southern states. This map shows the locations that the fourth generation lived during the latter stages of their adult lives. At least three, and possibly more, moved with their sons or daughters to another location shortly before their deaths. Those final locations, Texas, Oklahoma, and Maine, are not shown.

Map: Where Did They Go?

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