The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families in North Georgia
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The Hulsey Family The Head Family The Huff Family
Peter Hulsey William Head Jurian Haff
Charles Hulsey I James Head      Teuntie Straetsman
   Susannah Witt the elder William Head Laurens J. Haff
Charles Hulsey II the younger William Head Laurens L. Haff
   Hanna Witt Henry Head Peter Huff, Sr.
James J. Hulsey Alexander Spence Head Peter Huff, Jr.
   Sarah Ann NMN James (Jimmy) Head    The Wives
   Land Transactions Issiac Head Robert Huff
Charles Hulsey III Isaac Marion Head    Sarah (Sally) Hardman
   The Wives    Wheeler's Cavalry    Land Transactions
   Land Transactions Amanda Pierce Special Reports
Jesse Hulsey, Sr. Jasper McDonald Head   Slavery in the Huff Family
   The Wives The Three Head Brothers   Robert Huff Land Transactions
Adonijah Hulsey   George Washington Head    Estate of Robert Huff
   Sarah NMN     Land Transactions Brothers of Robert Huff
   Land Transactions   Benjamin Marion Head Thomas Poole Huff
Adler Hulsey     Land Transactions Charles Richard Huff
   The Wives   I. J. Sampson Head    Mary Lenord Rankin
   Land Transactions     Land Transactions E. J. Huff
Vincent Hulsey Bertie L. Head Our Unrecognized Cousins
   The Wives
Hiram Hulsey Head GENCOM Huff GENCOM
   The Wives
Jesse H. Hulsey
   Lucendia Brock
John Dillard Hulsey
   The Wives
   Land Transactions
William H. Hulsey
  Bertie L. Head
   Land Transactions
Special Reports
  Cherokee Ancestry
  The Hulsey Brothers
  Where Did They Go?