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The Huff Family

Robert Huff Estate

1842 - 1874

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The Huff Family

There is not a Will listed for Robert Huff.

The effect of the Probate Laws was to require the sale of the remaining real and personal property at Public Sale and the division of the resulting funds among his heirs. His labor force of 44 slaves was to be divided among his heirs. The first administrators of his Estate were his son, James R. Huff, his wife, Sarah H. Huff, and his brother, Richard Huff. In 1854, Sarah Huff petitioned the Court of Ordinary to become the sole administrator of the Estate as all property other than the Dower Lands had been distributed and her son James had died.

The total listing of the activities of the estate over 28 years required 60 pages filed at various times. Some expected listings are missing from the record, including the distributions made to 11 of her 12 children.

The activities of the Estate transactions can be divided into three time periods:
1) The transactions immediately following his death,
2) The ongoing transactions until the majority of his youngest son in 1858, and
3) The disposition of the Sarah Huff Dower Lands.

Immediate Transactions:

His personal property was appraised at $ 14, 928.11 1/2 (including the outstanding notes due him and the store accounts) and his Negros at $ 11, 624.25. His personal property sold for $ 2, 153.12 at Public Sale. His store accounts included $ 624.72 in collectable accounts and about $ 750.00 in "Doubtful Acts." There is not a listing of the total amount collected from the outstanding notes and store accounts of Estate. Collection activities continued for several years.

Six tracts, totaling 1571 acres, were sold at public outcry for the total amount of $ 2, 744. Four of the Oglethorpe Co. tracts were sold to adjoining landowners and the fifth was bought by William B. and Thomas Pool, his sons. Within a year they had sold this tract to Nathan Harris and William Glenn in separate transactions.

Other than the division of the Negros among the heirs, there is not a listing of the distributions made by the estate to the adult heirs of the estate.

Ongoing Transactions:

During the period 1844 – 1858, the Robert Huff estate filed regular reports on its activities, some of which are missing. The estate provided for the expenses of the minor children; school fees of $ 30 per year per child, boarding, clothing and personal support. The estate rented the Negros to neighbors at times. A field hand rented at $ 80 per year and the Negro children at substantially lesser amounts. Income generally exceeded the expenses.

In the 1850’s the land lots in Appling, Coweta and Irwin Counties were sold. The cost of the sale exceeded the purchase price in the case of the Appling County land lot. The record is unclear as to the expenses of the sale of the other two land lots.

The Final Return of the Estate was filed in 1858. Jacob Huff received a settlement of $ 1, 661.33 after notes totaling $ 160 against him were paid. In 1842, he had received 3 male Negros worth $ 755 from the estate.

Sarah Huff Dower Land:
The terms of the Estate required that the 600 acres of land be sold at the death of Sarah Huff and the proceeds be divided into 12 equal shares to each of the living children at the time of Robert Huff’s death.

Henry Kinnebrew, Nancy’s husband, bought Matthew Huff’s share at a Sheriff’s Sale in 1857. He bought the share of the George R.G. Huff Estate in 1863 and the share of Charles Huff in 1869. (He lost his wife’s share in a Bankruptcy proceeding and sold two shares to others. He bought these shares back in 1872). He held 1/3 of the shares in 1872.

Elizabeth Huff Glenn bought the share of the James R. W. Huff Estate and the share of the Joseph T. Huff Estate in unrecorded transactions. She held ¼ of the shares in 1872.

Henry and Nancy Kinnibrew had assumed the support of Sarah Huff before 1870. She died in late 1872.
Beginning in 1872, Henry Kinnebrew bought the shares of the other heirs (or the heirs of the deceased original owners) in a series of 13 transactions stretching to 1874. Generally each original heir received $ 200 per share. The total cost of all the transactions was $ 2, 799.98, including his repurchase of the shares that he had earlier sold. His legal fees are not included.

Note: At some point after 1880 Henry Kinnebrew moved to Athens, GA. Beginning in 1877 while living in Lexington, GA, he sold various portions of the property to others over several years.

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