The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Richard Huff
Born:  After 1794
in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Died:  1872 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Never Married
Reconized Children


Children of Peter Huff, Jr.

Peter Huff, Jr.

The Huff Family


He used the name “Richard Hoff” on his property deeds and will. James M. Huff, his half-brother, used the name “Col. Nicholas Huff” in his will. A home is shown on an 1890 map as “Col. Nicholas Huff place.” It is unknown which name he used in his business dealings.

Robert Huff never married and had issue, one son and at least four daughters by slave women.

In Oglethorpe County, Richard Huff was associated with the Goosepond District and the waters of Mack’s Creek during his life. He was living on land of his father in the Goospond Dist. at his father’s death in 1828. He was awarded four adult and two child slaves (possibly two family groups) in his father’s will. His proceeds of the estate included $ 1, 221. He gave a note of $190 for an unrecorded parcel of his father’s estate.

Over his life, he was more interested in business dealings than his farms including a cotton brokerage, warehousing and wholesale business in Washington, GA, banking interests in Washington, GA and other business interests in Augusta, GA. He may have owned a townhouse in Washington, GA. His business interests had declined by 1860 and he retired to his farm. His banking interests continued until his death in 1872.

His brother, Charles Huff, died in 1850 without a wife or legitimate children and left his entire estate to Richard Huff. The estate included 47 slaves; 1, 427 acres of land; a home; considerable personal property and a large amount of agricultural products and livestock.

He purchased 535 acres on Goosepond Creek waters in a Tax Sale in 1853.
At some point he acquired 1200 acres (later surveyed as 870 acres) in Wilkes County.

In 1854, he gave the Charles Huff property to Henry P. Huff, his half-brother. Henry P. Huff, before his death, later sold that property to Willis Willingham. (Henry P. Huff died in 1866.)

In 1857, Richard Huff bought an additional 135 acres in Goosepond Dist. from the estate of Benjamin F. Hardman.

During the 1850’s, Richard Huff emancipated over 100 slaves (all that wished to go) in two separate actions. He paid for their transport to Savannah and their passage to the Georgia Colony of Liberia in Africa. This occurred with the help of the American Colonization Movement. The second emancipation was of 58 people and they were to contact Dr. Allen Huff and Gaines Huff of Liberia.

In 1860, Richard Huff was shown with 35 slaves, down from 93 slaves in 1850.
At some point in the 1850’s he contracted a neuromuscular disease that required the aid of a caregiver. His caregiver in 1860 was James Bridges, age 20, and his caregiver in 1870 was Thomas Glenn, age 22, the son of Elizabeth Huff Glenn, the daughter of Robert Huff and his niece.

In 1867, Richard Huff bought the Henry P. Huff place of 1340 acres from Willis Willingham with a Quit Claim Deed, indicating that there may have been some problem with the sale of the property of Henry P. Huff to Willingham.
In Dec, 1869 Richard Huff uttered a series of deeds distributing his property to his heirs. These deeds are discussed in the Estate below. His land ownership listed in his deeds and will totaled 3198 acres in Oglethorpe County and 1200 acres in Wilkes County.

In the 1870 Census, seven black families with a total of 33 persons were shown as living on the home farms of Richard Huff, indicating that many of his former slaves remained near him and worked for him after emancipation.

Richard Huff died in March of 1871 and his much of his Estate was transferred in Oct. 1871. The final parcel was transferred to Dr. Oliver Huff in Mar. 1877.

His Estate was distributed to:
Dr. Oliver Hoff of California – 1200 Acres, a certain tract in Wilkes County; in the event that Dr. O. Hoff shall die without heirs then to Helen Hoof and Gaines Hoff of Liberia. Deed recorded 7 Mar 1877. Later surveyed as 870 acres, Dr. Oliver Hoff sold this tract by Attorney. He apparently never returned to GA.

George Bolton, Trustee for the Use and Benefit of James M. Hoff, his Wife and Children, if any; to revert to my only son, Dr. Oliver Hoff – 1340 acres, known as the Henry P. Hoff place; less the graveyard of said place, which graveyard is reserved from this conveyance; and less 100 acres adjoining the Burt line which I also reserve. Deed Recorded 1 Dec, 1869.

Elizabeth A. (Huff) Glenn, my niece – 941 acres known as the Bradley Home Tract. Deed recorded 1 Dec, 1869.
Elizabeth Huff Glenn, my niece – 87 acres bought from Hubbard joining Brantley or Home Tract, and my household and kitchen furniture.

Harriett Hoff and Kitty Hoff, of faithful service of my former slaves, and their children (William Darby, Silas Huff, Wooten Huff, James Huff, Susan Huff, Isaac Huff, Elijah Huff (father of Isaac) - 800 acres, known as the Rolly Hooper Tract, Long Creek Waters, adjoins Home Tract. Deed recorded 1 Dec. 1869.

Ellen Hoff, a person of color, former slave of Henry P. Huff, and the children of Ellen Hoff, of faithful service – 100 acres reserved from the Henry P. Huff tract adjoining the Burt line. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.

Children of Ellen Huff, person of color - 100 acres reserved from the Henry P. Huff tract adjoining the Burt line. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.
William Darbey, person of color – 10 acres, Long Creek waters. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.
Amanda Huff, person of color – 10 acres, Long Creek waters. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.
Dicie Huff, person of color - 10 acres, Long Creek waters. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.
Silas Huff, person of color - 10 acres, Long Creek waters. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.

George Bolton and Jonathan S. Bell – One horse or mule and one cow or calf for their selection in addition to their lawful commissions.

Elijah Huff, my old servant, and Kitty Hoff, my old servant – one horse or mule of average value.

John S. Terrell and James Terrell of Bartow County - The remainder of my property. Note: There is not an inventory of the personal property of Richard Huff. Some moneys and bank stock are mentioned.

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