The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Peter Huff, Sr. (Hoff)
Born: 26 March, 1732 in Hunterdon Co., NJ
Died: 1801 in Wilkes Co., GA
1) Susanna Beatly about 1750
Died: Aft. 1765
2) Elizabeth Black about 1770
Born: Abt. 1731
Died: About 1804 in Wilkes Co., GA


The Huff Family

The Hulsey Family

The Head Family



Based on DNA Testing of his descendents, Peter Huff, Sr. was descended from Derrick Hoff (1649-1730) and was of Dutch origin. He was mentioned in the Will of Charles Dirckson Hoff (1697-1764), a farmer and miller who founded Hoff’s Mill in Hunterdon Co., NJ.

Early Life:
Born in Hunterdon County, he married Susanna Beatly at about age 19 and moved to Hopewell Township, Mercer Co., NJ near his Uncles and Cousins in Maidenhead Township. He is cited as owning “an old and well established farm” about 4 miles NW of Trenton, NJ. His first four children, Peter, Charles, James and Mathias, were born there. He sold this farm in the early 1770’s and moved to Prince William Co., VA. This move may have been caused by the death of his first wife whose date of death is not recorded.

(Note: A later deed stated that William Hoff was the son of Charles Hoff and the grandson of Peter Hoff, Jr. Some sources state that William Hoff was the son of Peter Hoff, Sr.)

Middle Life:
In the early 1770’s a number of families from Mercer Co., NJ moved to Prince William Co., VA. Among these were the families of Amos Hoff and Cornelius Hoff, both of which were possibly cousins of Peter Hoff. Peter Hoff moved to Prince William Co., VA in the 1770’s. In Prince William Co., VA the cash crop was tobacco and a successful farmer became skilled in its cultivation.

His marriage to his second wife is recorded as being in Hampshire Co. VA. Hampshire Co. (now in WV) was the home of other cousins or brothers of Peter Hoff and those cousins had moved there by the early 1770’s. This marriage produced two daughters, Angel and Hanna, whose dates of birth are not recored.

In Prince William Co., his sons came of age and two, Charles and James, served in the Militia during the Revolutionary War. Peter Huff, Sr. is not listed a “patriot ancestor” by the DAR and apparently remained on his farm.

Either during the War or shortly before, Charles and James established their homes in adjoining Loudon Co., VA. His eldest son, Peter, Jr., established a separate home in Prince William Co. VA before 1884.

Peter Huff, Sr. is shown on the Tax Records of Prince William Co., VA in 1782 and 1784. In 1784 he and his son Mathis paid the Poll Tax in the same household.

Later Life:
Col. George Matthews, a Virginian, served in GA and SC late in the Revolutionary War and was awarded several land grants by the State of Georgia. He settled in the Goosepond District of Wilkes County (later Oglethorpe Co.) and publicized the area in Virginia in order to sell his land grants and other speculative lands.. Thus the Wilkes Co. area, including later Elbert and Oglethorpe Counties became well known in VA as “new lands” suitable for tobacco cultivation. (He later was elected Governor of GA for two terms and was best known for the Yazoo Fraud that awarded large areas of Mississippi and Alabama to land speculators. The land grants were reversed in the next term. He later moved to Mississippi and was involved in attempting to annex Spanish West Florida to the United States by force.)

In the 1780’s – 1790’s period one could acquire title to vacant land in Georgia through a Headrights Land Grant. Elizabeth Huff registered a Headrights Plat for 200 acres on Falling Creek in (now) Elbert County on 8 March, 1785. Normally, the head of the family, in this case Peter Huff, Sr., would hold title to a Headrights Grant. In 1787 Peter Hoff returned taxes in (now) Elbert County on “Fighting Creek.” Apparently, Peter Huff returned to VA in 1785 while his wife proved title to this land. (One was required to live on the land to prove title; however this was not strictly enforced.)

Elizabeth Huff leased this land to William Blake on 16 Oct. 1785. The sale of this property is not recorded and may have occurred after 1791.  Some sources state that he owned other properties along the Broad River during this period but no deeds or tax records have been found.

As Peter Huff (and his son Mathis) paid a Poll Tax in Price William Co., VA in 1791, Peter Huff maintained a residence in VA and property interests in Elbert and Wilkes Counties until after 1791.
According to Tax Records, James Huff and Mathis Huff were taxed on Falling Creek in 1787, possibly on the original Headrights tract. Peter Huff, Jr. had moved from VA to the Goosepond Dist. by 1788 according to the birth of his children. Charles Huff paid taxes in 1792 in Wilkes Co. and his first deed was recorded in 1793.
In 1792 Humphrey Gilmore sold Peter Huff, Sr. 150 acres with Mathis Hoff as one of the witnesses.

Peter Huff, Sr. had established his residence on the West Fork, Clarks Creek between 1791 and 1792 when he bought his second tract of 50 acres (later cited as 75 acres) from William Brown. Mathis Hoff and William Hoff witnessed this deed.

In 1794 Peter Hoff, Sr. sold a 75-acre farm to Mathew (Mathias) Hoff with Peter Huff, Jr. and William Hoff (the son of Charles Hoff) as witnesses.

Over the next seven years, Peter Huff, Sr. was listed on the Tax Rolls with varying acreage from 125 to 150 acres. He is shown as owning 2 slaves in 1795 and no slaves at his death. The abutting and nearby property owners included Charles Hoff, Matthew Hoff and William Hoff.

His will was executed in 1801 and left his estate to Elizabeth for life and to be divided between daughters Angel and Hanna Huff at her death.  He died in 1801 or early in 1802.  The Will was probated March 8, 1802.  Taxes were paid by his estate for at least two additional years.  Elizabeth Black Hoff survived her husband by at least two years and may have survived him by nine years.

In a deed uttered in 1810 and recorded on 25 Feb. 1814, Mathias Huff, Nancy Cox and Robert Cox sold the farm of Peter Hoff, Sr., consisting of 75 acres, to Bennett Reeves. A second deed by Thomas Wooten and Jane Wooten for the same tract was recorded at the same time. It is unknown if Nancy Cox and Jane Wooten were different names for Angel and Hanna Huff or if the Cox and Wooten families had bought the daughter’s interests in the estate.

DNA Evidence: In August, 2006; a proven male parental descendent of Derrick Hoff was tested with a Y chromosome DNA Haplogroup Q. Since that time a proven male parental descendent of Robert Huff (1788-1842) has tested with Haplogroup Q. The children of Robert Huff are descended from Derrick Hoff through Charles Dickerson Hoff and Peter Huff, Sr. (Hoff).

Children of Peter Huff, Sr.:
1) Marriage to Susanna Beatly:
Peter Huff, Jr. (1750-1817) – See Separate Article.
Charles Huff (1755-1820) married Susanna, 12 children listed (Max Huff Newsletter), only one identified with more than a name. He served in the Militia in the Revolutionary War. He was a well documented farmer in Wilkes Co., GA. He died in Wilkes Co., GA. The William Huff that witnessed a deed is listed as his son.
James Huff (1759-1839) married Amey Buckley in VA, two children listed. He served in the Militia in the Revolutionary War. Well documented in Elbert Co., GA. He died in Perry Co., AL.
Mathias (Matthew) Huff (1765- ?), no spouse or children listed. Well documented on Elbert Co. and Wilkes Co., GA. Not listed in the 1830 Census. May have died in Perry Co., AL.

2) Marriage to Elizabeth Black:
Angel Huff (?-?) Cited in Will, no further information.
Hannah Huff (?-?) Cited in Will, married Randolph McDonald in 1812. No further information.