The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
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Paulas Dircke (Hoff)
Born: 1620 in Hoven, Zutphen, Netherlands.
Died: 24 May 1692 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York.
1) Geertie Jannetse Willemse in 1643 in the Netherlands.
Born: 1627 in New Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Died: 1653 in Staten Island, New Netherlands.
2) Jannetje Jannse in 1653 in Staten Island, New Netherlands.
Born: 1630 in Almelo, Netherlands.
Died: 1655 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland


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Like his father, much of the information as to his personal life is unclear after 350 years. Paulas Dircke never used the name “Hoff’ during his lifetime. The name “Hoff” was adopted by his son at a later date.

He was born in Zutphen, Netherlands and married in about 1643 to Geertie. One son was born in 1649 in the Netherlands. A daughter, Elizabeth was born after his immigration in according to the listed record, but the passenger list shows her as a passenger arriving in 1650.

Baron Hendrick van der Capelle and Patroon Melyn begin an effort to colonize Staten Island in 1649 and recruited settlers including Paulas Dircke. The ship Victory arrived at Staten Island on 19 Dec 1650 with seventy settlers including Palus, Gertie, Dirrick and Elisabeth.

According to some records, Geertie died in 1653 and Paulas married Jannettee Jannse and a child, Geertruye, was born in 1654. Jannettee died in 1655. (Other records are in conflict with this account.)

The Staten Island settlement was troubled by contention between Patroon Melyn and New Amsterdam Governor Stuyvesant over land rights and political authority until 1655. In that year the Indians, encouraged by the English settlers in New Jersey, attacked and destroyed the Staten Island colony. The surviving 62 inhabitants, including Paulas and his family, fled to Fort Orange (now Albany, NY) and Long Island. Paulas relocated to Fort Orange were he gave a disposition in 1657/58 regarding the massacre. He relocated again to Long Island by 1662.

At Christmas, 1662, Paulas joined the Breukelan Dutch Reformed Church. As best can determined, he farmed in Flatbush and later near Jamaica. In 1687, took the Oath of Allegiance in New York to the English colony, necessary to perfect land titles and to purchase newer or additional lands. He died in 1692 near Jamaica.

His farm was cited as adjoining a tract in deed description in 1702. This property may have been occupied by his son at that time.

1) With Geertie Jannetse Willamse (1627-1653):
Derrick Pauluszen Hoff (1649-1730) married Sarah Willemse Yeats (1660-1743), 9 children. See separate article.

Elizabeth Poulisse Paulise (1651-1734) married Volkert Hendricksen Bries (1655-1712), 7 children.
2) With Jannetje Jannse (1630-1655):
Geetruyle Pauluzen (Hoff) (1634-1734). No further record.