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The Head Family - Jasper McDonald "Mac" Head

Jasper MacDonald “Mac” Head
Born: 7 Nov 1862
Died: 18 Oct 1920 in White Co., GA
1) Laura J. Dean
On 24 Oct 1880
Born: 1863 in White Co., GA; Died: Before 1884
2) Laura May Smith
On 7 Feb 1884
Born: 16 Jan 1866 in Monticello, FL
Died: 17 Dec 1943 in Cleveland, White Co., GA

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Jasper McDonald Head, known as and hereafter referred to as Mac, was was born in Walker County in 1862. After his father was killed in the Civil War, the family removed to Hall County where his mother bought a small farm on the northwest corner of Shoal Creek Road and Whelchel Road. In 1872 she bought 150 acres on Walaka Mountain and the family cut the timber for income. As Mac had married in 1880 and had moved
to White County about 1884, it is unknown how much he benefited from the timber operation. His brothers, Washington, Benjamin and Sampson, were known as the lumber men of the family.

In 1880, Mac married Laura S. Dean who died in childbirth before 1884. Very little is known of Laura or her unnamed infant daughter. Their residency at the time of her death is unknown, other than White County.

In 1884, Mac married Laura May Smith, the daughter of Allison Smith and Martha Kenimer. Allison Smith founded the Mossy Creek Academy and later taught at the Chattahoochee Academy in what now Clermont. The children of Mac and Laura S. Head were educated at both of these schools.

Their first child was Bertie Lerona Head in 1884, followed by Luther Marion in 1887,
Fannie May in 1890, Ernest Barnet (Barney) in 1892 and Charles Edward (Charlie) in 1895.

Mac Head was known as a good farmer and provider and kept to his farm located on the west side of Post Road in Mossy Creek. He, and his family, tried to be self-sufficient on their farm. They raised corn, wheat, rye, cotton and upland rice; and kept cattle, hogs, sheep, turkeys and chickens.

Laura had a weaving loom and produced wool cloth for the family. A wool blanket, now in the possession of Chuck Huff, was one product of her loom. Some of their furniture remains in the family and is of good quality. Apparently their farm income was more than sufficient for their needs.

While frugal in his habits, Mac Head led a comfortable life and became a wealthy farmer. Today he would be considered to be well-off.

After Mac's death in 1920, Laura resided with her son, Charley, during her later years until her death in 1943.

Bertie Lerona Head (1885-1976) married William Harrison Hulsey (1882-1974), 7 children. She and her husband remained in White County their entire lives. See separate article.

Luther Marion Head (1887-1969) married Bonnie Ray Blackwell (1895-?), 3 children.
He moved to South Georgia and finally settled in Coffee Co., GA after living in Blackshear for some years. His cash crop was Tobacco.

Fannie May Head (1890-1933) married Steve Duncan, 4 children. Her marriage was stormy and she actually died at her Mother’s home in Cleveland, GA.

Ernest Barnet (Barney) Head (1892-1976) married Della May Craven (1895-1967), 5 children. He moved to Gainesville, GA in mid life where he spent the remainder of his days.

Charles Edward (Charlie) Head (1895-1969) married Mary Catherine Johnson (1899-1987), 3 children. He was a good farmer until he was wounded and gassed in WWI. Returning to Cleveland, he opened a grocery and dry goods store and later served as Postmaster. After the local bank failed in 1929, he was instrumental in founding The Peoples Bank, now Regions Bank.

Laura Smith
J. M. Head Neighborhood
J. M. Head Farm
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Mac Head Homesite today.
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