The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Lucinda Martha Huff

28 Nov 1832 - Aft. 1880

Married on 1 Jun 1848
Thomas L. Glenn
1820 -1882


The Children of Robert Huff

Robert Huff
Sarah H. Huff

Huff Family

She was nine years old when her father died. His estate allotted her 2 Negro men that her mother rented to others for her support. The only unusual expenditure in her support returns was for cloth for her wedding dress and other dresses.
 She married, in 1848, Thomas L. Glenn, the brother of William Glenn that married her sister Elizabeth. Her final settlement from her father’s estate is not shown.

The family was shown in the 1850 Census as living in Glades Dist. with real estate valued at $ 3, 200 and 7 slaves. By 1860 their circumstances were considerable reduced as the family had lost the farm and their slaves. Thomas Glenn was not shown as serving in the Civil War from Oglethorpe Co., GA.

By 1870, their prospects were improving slightly as Thomas L. Glenn, Lucinda and their son, Thomas (age 20) with property was valued at $ 200 and their personal property was valued at $ 600, indicating that they owned a small farm. Their daughter, Lindia, was not shown in any census.

In 1872, the Thomas Glenn, Lucinda Glenn and Lindia Glenn signed their Share in the Sarah Huff Dower Land to Henry Kinnebrew for $ 75 each or a total of $ 225.

The 1880 Census listed Thomas Glenn (age 60, farmer), Lucinda (age 48, keeping house) and their son, William R. A. Glenn (age 29, saw mill hand) and his wife and child.

Thomas Glenn died in 1882 according to the record and the date and place of death of Lucinda Huff Glenn is not given.

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