The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

John Huff
Born:  1792 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Died:  1849 in Cass Co., GA
1) Unknown
Died: Bef. 1843

2) Martha Ann Smith
Born: 1813 in GA
Died:  1894 in Fisher Co., TX


Children of Peter Huff, Jr.

Peter Huff, Jr.

The Huff Family


Born in Oglethorpe Co, GA, very little is known of John Huff. Some state that his occupation was that of a blacksmith. He served in the War of 1812 in Cap’t. William Owens Co., Col. Jenkins Regiment.

He had two notes outstanding to his father in 1828, one for $ 600 uttered on 1 Aug 1826. (The notes were later paid to the Peter Huff Estate.) This note may have enabled him to buy a farm in either Oglethorpe Co. or Cass (now Bartow) Co. where he was listed in the 1840 Census. It is unknown as to when he relocated to Cass Co., GA.

He received four adult and two children Negros from the Peter Huff Estate, possibly two family groups. He received $ 1,241 in cash from the proceeds of the Estate in 1828.

The 1840 Census reported him in Cass (now Bartow) Co., GA with himself, a wife (whose name is unknown) and four children. One child may have died early as only 3 children born before 1840 were shown in his widow’s family in 1850. He did not own any slaves in 1840.

His first wife died before 7 Oct 1843 when he married Martha N. Smith of Carroll Co, GA. Martha is shown as “Martha Ann” in some Family Trees and this may have been her second marriage. Based on the 1850 Census of his widow, he had 5 living children at the time of his marriage. Two additional children were born of this union before his death in 1849. Note: His children and their ages are based on the 1850 Census Return.

His brother Charles left $ 1, 000 in his will for the education of John Huff’s children.

At some point his wife and some of his children moved to Texas where two of his sons were later found. His wife, Martha Ann Huff, was shown living in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., TX in the 1870 Census.

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