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The Hulsey Family - Jesse Hulsey, Sr.

Jesse Hulsey, Sr.
Generation 3, Third Son
Born: 1760 in Goochland, VA, Died: 1843 in Hall Co., GA
Spouseless Relationship:
1) Mary Tharpe about 1784 in Burke Co., NC
Born: About 1770 in NC, Died: 1819 in Habersham Co., GA
2) Mary Baxwell on 5 Nov 1820 in Hall Co., GA
Born: 1770 in SC, Died: After 1850 in Hall Co., GA

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Born of Charles Hulsey II and Hanna Witt in Goochland, VA in 1760, Jesse was of English extraction.

Early Life:
His family moved to Albemarle Co, VA, Halifax (later Pittsylvania Co, VA) and Surry County Co. NC. The family moved to Burke Co., NC about 1778 when Jesse was 18.

North Carolina and South Carolina Life:
The Revolutionary War in Burke Co., NC was one of Indian raids rather than of British or Tory actions. A series of forts were constructed including Wafford’s Fort in Turkey Cove on the Roan Mountain Road to the Watauga Settlements. Wafford’s Fort was still under construction in 1781 when it was attacked by Indians and Jesse Hulsey, a solder of the Burke militia, was wounded in his arm and the bone shot away. He later cited Captain William Johnson as his commander and Jesse Mark, Sr. as the person that bandaged his wound.

In 1784 Jesse married Mary Tharpe, whose parentage is unclear. It is not known where Jesse and his wife lived, possibly with the Hulseys. Their first child, Charles, is shown as being born in NC in 1791 in NC.

Between 1791 and 1793, Jesse moved to Greenville Dist., SC where he signed with his brothers a deed transferring his father’s property. A second child, Jesse Jr., was born in 1795. Jessie Hulsey is shown in the 1800 Census in Pendleton Div., Greenville Dist., SC with 3 white males under 10, 1 white male 26 to 44, 1 white female 16 to 25, 1 white female 26 to 44, and 1 female 45 and over. The oldest female may have been Jesse’s mother, Hannah and the third male child and the white female 16 to 25 are unknown.

Georgia Life:
Jesse had moved to Franklin Co. GA by 1803 when his child, Jordan, was born. He is shown on the Franklin Co. Tax Records as owning 52 acres on Nail’s Creek near the current town of Homer, GA using the name Hosley. He is shown as paying the Poll Tax in 1813 using the name Hosey.

Jesse Hulsey, Jr. is shown as marring Mary Tharpe, born 1797, in Franklin Co., GA. This Mary Tharpe is possibly a niece of Jesse’ Sr.’s first wife and also possible the daughter of a second Robert Tharpe. Jesse Jr. and his wife removed to Franklin Co., AL with the Tharpe family. The fact that there was a Jesse, Sr. in Franklin Co., GA and a Jesse, Jr. in Franklin Co., AL has caused no end of confusion in the Jesse Hulsey lines.

In a deed uttered in 1816 and recorded in 1825 in Hall County, Jesse Hulsey bought 250 acres on Chandler’s Creek (possibly now Candler Creek) of the waters of the North Oconee River.

His wife, Mary Tharpe, died in 1819; possibly in Habersham Co., GA; and he married Mary Baxwell (or Blackwell) of Habersham Co., GA on Nov. 5, 1820 in Hall Co., GA. There are numerous references to Jesse Hulsey owning a farm in Habersham Co., GA, but no deed has been found.

The 1820 Census shows Jesse Hulsey in Capt. Abbercrombie’s Dist., Hall Co., GA with 2 free white males under 10, 2 free white males under 10 to 15, 2 free white males 16 to 25, 1 free white male 45 and over, 1 free white female under 10, 2 free white females 16 to 25, and 1 free white female 26 to 44 for a total of 11 free white persons living in his household. There are a total of 22 persons – white, slaves colored and other in his household. This figure may be in error as Jesse Hulsey is not elsewhere shown as owning slaves. The 11 additional persons may have been relatives or farm workers living on his farm. Apparently Mary Baxwell was residing in Jesse Hulsey’s household before her marriage. Some of the other free white persons may have been one of his sons and that son’s family.

In 1822 Jesse petitioned the North Carolina Legislature for a pension because of his wound in the Revolutionary War. He referenced Esum D. Franklin and his brother Charles Hulsey as knowledgeable to his service and the wound. Jesse stated that he was “unfortunate in the world and very poor and he had a wife and seven children” that were dependent on him. The Legislature awarded him a pension of $ 50 per year for life as a member of the North Carolina Line. Jesse may have understated his financial condition as he farmed 250 acres, but $ 50 hard cash was a considerable sum in that day and age.

Nov. 15, 1825, Dec. 10, 1831, Hall Co., Book C, Page 521: Junius (Irvinings or Jennings) Hulsey of Henry Co. to Jesse Hulsey, 250 ac., $ 150. Land Lot 107, 12th Dist. Witness: Elijah Clark, Charles Hulsey, J.P. Note: Junius Hulsey signed “His X Mark.” Irvinings (Jennings) Hulsey, no apparent relation, found in the DeKalb Co., GA Census as between 20 and 30 years of age. This land was on the west side of Skitts Mountain east of the present town of Clermont, GA. About one third of the property was on the side of the mountain and usable only for forestry.

The 1830 Census shows Jesse Hulsey’s family as containing 2 Free White Males under 20, 1 Free White Male 20 to 25, 1 Free White Male 60 to 69, 1 Free White Female 10 through 14, 1 Free White Female 40 to 49 and 1 Free White Female 50 to 59. The family included his three youngest sons, his daughter and his wife. One person is unknown and may have been a servant or a relative of his wife.

Nov. 16, 1837, Apr. 10, 1838, Hall Co., Book E, Page 130: Joseph S. Reynolds and John W. Reynolds, Exec. of the Estate of John W. Reynolds, late of Burke Co., GA to Jesse Hulsey; 250 ac., $ 300, Land Lot 89, 12th Dist. Witness: Edward Garlich, R. E. Gilstrap, J.P. This new farm was about 3 miles south of his home farm and was all cultivable land unlike the home farm. Jennings later purchased this property and gave one acre to Holly Springs Baptist Church about 1843.

The 1840 Census found Jesse Hulsey, Sr. in Dist. 505 with 3 Free White Males 19 and under, 1 Free White Male 20 to 29, 1 White Male 80 to 89, 1 Free White Female 20 to 29, 1 Free White Female 30 to 39, and 1 Free White Female 50 to 59. The composition of his family is unknown. Hannah Hulsey and her son may have been included.

March 2, 1840, Oct 31, 1842, Hall Co. Book F, Page 44: Jesse Hulsey to Jenius (Jennings) Hulsey (son), 250 ac., $ 300, LL 89, 12th Dist. Witness: Edmund Powell, William Armour, JP.

Oct. 11, 1842, Feb. 18, 1843, Hall Co., Book F, Page 74: Jesse Hulsey to Jenius (Jennings) Hulsey (son), 250 ac., $ 1,000, LL 107, 12th Dist. Witness: David “his X mark” Pilhentow?, Robert Lawrence. This was the Jesse Hulsey home farm and the purchase was apparently recorded after Jesse’s death.

Jesse Hulsey died in 1843, possibly in January of that year. Jesse Hulsey’s burial place is reported to be Dewberry Baptist Church No. 1. If so, his grave is unmarked. Salathel, his son, administrated the estate. Only Jennings bought the household items of the estate.

His Children:
Of Jesse’s sons, three; Charles (to Carroll Co. GA), Jesse Jr.(to Franklin Co. AL), and Jordan (to AL); emigrated before 1824.
The youngest, Isaac Babel (aka B. J. Z.), moved to Habersham County by 1835.
Buford W. moved to Franklin Co., AL by 1836.
After Jesse’s death Salathel moved to Union Co., GA.
Only Jennings remained in Hall County.
Jesse's daughter, Elizabeth, maried William King in Franklin Co, AL in 1840. She is also listed as the daughter of Jesse Jr. and Mary Tharpe II, however a person of her age is shown in Jesse Sr,'s family in the 1830 Census.

Skitts MountainJesse Hulsey's second farm.Jesse Hulsey's Home Farm.Map:  Jesse Hulsey Land.

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