The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

James Richard Washington Huff
12 Jan 1819 - 21 Apr 1851

Married on 21 Dec 1839
Martha Stephens
22 Feb 1824 - 11 Jun 1911
6 children


The Children of Robert Huff

Robert Huff
Sarah H. Huff

Huff Family

James R. W. Huff was raised in the Glades Dist. and married Martha Stephens in 1839. In 1840, they were living in the Glades Dist.

His father died in 1842 and James R. W. Huff received 4 Negros, a woman and the three children, from the Estate. The amount of his cash settlement from the Estate is not on record. In Oct. 1842, he purchased 164 acres, Grove Creek Waters, Grove Creek Dist. of Oglethorpe Co., GA. His sale of this property is unrecorded.

In 1846 he moved to DeKalb Co., GA where he owned a farm on Rock Springs Road. The area containing the property was later transferred to Fulton Co., GA.

In the 1850 Census, he was living Halsey Dist., DeKalb Co., GA with his wife and five children. He owned 5 Negros at that time. The copy of the Census Form is unreadable and the value of his property is not known.

James R. W. Huff died on 21 Apr. 1851 and his last child, Mary, was born on 13 Sep 1851. His Estate was settled in DeKalb Co., GA and the records were transferred to Oglethorpe Co., GA before the Final Settlement in 1857. Each child received approximately $ 400 at that time.

Martha S. Huff and her 6 children moved back to Oglethorpe Co., GA where she bought a farm of 200 acres on Beverdam Creek in the Grove Creek Dist. in 1853. In the 1860 Census she was recorded with her six children, real estate valued at $ 1, 000 and personal property valued at $ 3, 250. She was shown as owning five slaves in 1860.

At some point, her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Huff Glenn, purchased the share of James R. W. Huff in the Sarah Huff Dower Lands.

She was shown in the 1870 Census with three children remaining in her home. Shortly afterwards, she sold the Beverdam Creek Farm and moved to Mill, Madison Co., GA where she bought a farm on Brushy Creek.

Martha Huff has not been found in the 1880, 1900 or 1910 Census. She died in 1911 in Madison Co., GA.
Note: Two of his children were later paid by Henry Kinnebrew for their rights as the heirs of James R. W. Huff. Apparently they contested the earlier sale to Elizabeth H. Glenn.

Note: Robert Washington Huff (1843-1914, the son of James R. W. Huff, became a successful attorney and large landowner in Oglethorpe County. He acquired the original home of his great-grandfather, Peter Huff, Jr. in legal proceedings involving the estate of James M. Huff.

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