The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

James M. Huff
Born:  1823 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Died:  1890 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Never Married
Reconized Children


Children of Peter Huff, Jr.

Peter Huff, Jr.

The Huff Family


James M. Huff used the name “Huff” in the legal record. He never married. He recognized several children of Mary Huff, his cook and former slave. There are indications that he fathered other children.

When he was born, he had six living adult half-siblings and several nephews older that he from his father’s first marriage. His father died when he was age five and his life a child is documented in the Estate Returns. He received three adult male slaves and $ 1, 075 from the Estate. The slaves were hired out to others during his childhood and the income was more than sufficient for his support and education. He lived with his mother during his childhood. His final settlement from the Estate is not listed.

He was best known for not repaying loans from his brothers, Henry P. Huff and Richard Huff, and his great-nephew, Robert Washington Huff. (Richard Washington Huff was the son of James R. W. Huff and the grandson of Robert Huff, James M. Huff’s half brother.) During his childhood and as an adult, he preferred the company of slaves, working in the fields and living with them.

In the 1850 Census, he is listed as single, age 27 and with real estate valued at $ 10, 000. There is not a real estate record identifying this property. He is shown as owning 4 slaves.

In the 1860 Census, James M. P. Huff is listed as single, age 36, as a farmer with real estate valued at $ 4,000 and personal property valued at $ 2, 600 living in the Goosepond Dist. He is shown with 23 Negros under his ownership. Again, there is not a real estate record identifying his property.

In 1868 Richard Huff deeded 1340 acres on Mack’s Creek to George Bolton as Trustee for the use and benefit of James M. Huff and his wife and children, if any. After his death the property was to go to Dr. Oliver Hoff of California. The placement of the property in the name of a trustee was to protect James M. Huff from lawsuits resulting from his outstanding debts and to preserve the rights of Dr. Oliver Huff. The property, known as the Henry P. Huff tract, included the original Ashmore tract and the Winny Huff Dower Lands.

The 1870 Census revealed considerable information on James M. Huff. He is shown as single, age 45 and a farmer. Living nearby was Mary Huff, age 42, Mulatto, born in VA with children Willie, age 16, Andrew, age 8, and Robb, age 9. Living on his land was Buck Huff, black, age 37, a farmer with nine dependents; and Austin Huff, black, age 22, a farmer with 2 dependents. Three other black families also owned farms nearby.

In 1880, the Census reported that James M. Huff was age 57 and a farmer. Living in his home was Mary, Mulatto, age 55, his cook and James, Mulatto, age 13, a servant. He was shown as living in the Simpson Dist. adjacent to the Goosepond Dist. (The Henry P. Huff Tract lays in both Simpson and Goosepond districts.) Austin Huff lived nearby.

James M. Huff died in 1890 and left a Will that was later subject to several challenges. The Will provided:
Gold Watch to Sallie, Wife of Robert W. Huff,
Books to Robert W. Huff,
A horse to Jim Huff, colored,
$ 1, 000, household goods and livestock to Mary Huff, cook and faithful servant, colored.
Monetary gifts to Silas Manora Kidd (colored), Milly Upshaw (colored), Margret Huff (colored), and Julia Huff (colored).
Real Estate to Robert W. Huff, who was appointed Execrator of the Estate.
Note: Many of the heirs were living in Oconee Co., GA at the time of his death.

Robert W. Huff refused to settle the Estate, stating that legal fees and debts exceeded the value of the Estate. A court action that went to the GA Supreme Court ruled in the favor of the heirs. Robert W. Huff settled with the heirs with monetary settlements.

The heirs of Richard Huff then sued Robert W. Huff for the Estate and lost on the basis that James M. Huff was of sound mind when he willed the property Robert W. Huff. The Trusteeship of the land as designated by Richard Huff was ignored by the Court.

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