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The Head Family - James (Jimmy) Head.

James (Jimmy) Head
Born: 1760 in Spotsylvania Co., VA
Died: 1830 in Hall Co., GA
Married: About 1790 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.
Lucy Avery
Born: 1775 in VA, Died: 1 May 1830 in Hall Co., GA.

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Born as the youngest of 11 children of Alexander Spence Head, he grew up in Berkley Parrish, Spotsylvania Co., VA. One source list his name as Major James Head, however all other sources use the name James Head.  He is not listed as serving in the Revolutionary War as his brother, Benjamin, did serve as a Lieutenant and Captain in the VA Bland’s Dragons, later the First Continental Light Dragoons, from the 1775 to 1783.

An uncle, Benjamin Head (1731-1803) of Orange Co., VA was a Capt. in the Orange Co. Militia. His son, James Head (1756-1795), was an Ensign in the same Company. This James later moved to Elbert Co., GA. Some of James Head’s children later moved to Lumpkin County. This family is often confused with the family of James (Jimmy) Head.


He purchased 290 acres in Spotsylvania Co. from Aberam Larew of Orange Co. on July 15, 1779. This purchase possibly represented his inherence from his father as James was 19 years of age.

At some point before 1790, he married Lucy Avery and relocated to Davie Co., NC where his brother, John H. Head, had moved before 1775.

He is shown in the 1790 Census in Pendleton Dist., SC (listed as James Meads) with 6 persons in his household. This may be another person as James Head is otherwise shown with 4 persons in his home.

He, and his brother John H., moved to Pickens Dist. SC by 1792. Apparently, this move was unsuitable and he (and his brother) relocated back to Westmoreland Co., VA by 1795 where another brother, David Head, lived.

Apparently he met Clemeth Cavender in Westmoreland Co., VA as his family and the Cavender family was close for the next fifty years. James Head remained in VA for about 8 years. (There is some indication that the Cavender family may have lived in Davie Co., NC at the same time that James Head lived there.)

James Head is shown in the 1800 Census in Pendleton Dist., SC with 9 white persons and 3 slaves in his household. Again, this may be another James Head as other sources report 7 white persons in his family at this time.

He moved to Pickens Dist., SC at some point before 1804. The Cavender family also relocated to Pickens Co. about this time.

A James Head was living in Franklin Co., GA about 1801 and 1803. This person was the son of a cousin named James Head had settled in nearby Elbert Co., GA..

Clemeth Cavender paid taxes in Jackson Co., GA adjacent to Franklin Co. about 1814.

What is known that James Head and Clementh Cavender walked into the Cherokee Nation about 1814 and selected land on Wahoo Creek. They then returned to their homes and moved their families to the Wahoo Creek farms. They were squatters on this land for six years.

The Cherokees lived near Jimmy Head during this period but there was apparently no conflict between the Head and Cavender families and the Indians.

His married son, Richard, had moved from SC to Hall Co. at the same time. Another married son, Benjamin, remained in SC until about 1820 when he relocated to Hall Co., GA. His five remaining children aged from 12 to 1 years of age, moved within him. His last daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 1820.

The land he selected was on both sides of Wahoo Creek and contained both upland and bottom land. The creek flowed over rapids that were suitable for a water mill site. A later owner built Barnes Mill on the rapids. Clemeth Cavender's land was downstream and abutting James' property.

Based on an 1818 treaty, the Indian Boundary was moved west of the Head land to the Chestatee River. The State of GA abolished any previous white land ownership and divided the new lands into Land Districts and Land Lots and expanded Hall Co. into the new lands.

In 1820 the Census shows James Head in Hall Co., GA with 6 persons in his home.

The new lands were awarded in a Land Lottery in 1820 and the Head land, in LL 47, 11th Dist., was awarded to a Henry Henson. On May 4, 1821, the deed from Henry Henson to James Head for the 250 acres of Land Lot 47 was recorded in the Clerks of Courts Office. James Head paid $ 250 for the property. Clemeth Cavender also purchased his two land lots in 1821 from the "fortunate drawers."

At that time James Head's entire family, including his married sons, lived on the property or nearby.

James’s uncle, James Isaac Head, is shown as living over the mountain in the Gaddistown community until his death in 1820 and two cousins, Charles S. Head and James Isaac Head, later emigrated to Lumpkin Co. No children of James Isaac Head are shown on the record.

Two of his children married into the Cavender family during his lifetime.

James Head is shown in the 1830 Census in Hall Co., GA with 3 white persons and 4 slaves in his home.

James Head and Clemeth Cavender were the original settlers of the Wahoo District of Hall and Lumpkin Counties. Jimmy Head's land was included in Lumpkin Co. when it was formed in 1832.

While helping build the first Wahoo Baptist Church, James (Jimmy) Head was killed when a log fell on him in 1830. He is buried in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery also known as the Old Wahoo Church Cemetery.

His property was acquired by Isaac and James A. Head, his sons. Later part of the land was sold to John A. Abercrombie who had married a daughter of Richard Head. A member of the Abercrombie family now resides on part of the land today.

William Head (1790-??), no further record.

Richard Head (1790-1880) married 1) Susannah B. NMN (1794-1860), 12 children; 2) Ester NBN Anderson (1803-1881), no children. Residency: Hall Co., GA to1816, Franklin Co, TN to1821, Hall Co., GA to 1835, Lumpkin Co., GA to 1840, Fannin Co., GA TO 1880, Harrison Co., GA to death in 1882.
Source: Application for Pension for Service in War of 1812. Not Granted.

Benjamin Head (1792-1862) married Katherine Morgan (1790-1882), 9 children.

Benjamin Head emigrated to GA by 1820. He remained in the north GA area his entire life, living in Hall, Lumpkin and Forsyth Counties. He was a Baptist missionary, working with several churches.

Charles Head (1793-1855) married Elizabth Betsy Cavender (1790-1850), 16 children. He remained in Lumpkin Co. his entire life. Elizabeth Betsy Cavender, his wife, is shown as dyeing in 1822. This is probably incorrect as Betsy was shown as his wife in the 1850 Census of Lumpkin Co.

Issiac Head (1795-1863), see separate article.

Martha Head (1804-1830). May have married a Henry Walker. This is unconfirmed.

James A. Head, (1808-1865) married 1) Sarah Cain (1808-1835), one child; 2) Sarah Grinder (1809-??), seven children. He removed to Arkansas at some point, possibly about 1850.

“Millie” Martha Head (1814-1850). No further record.

Elizabeht Head (1820-1880). Married NFN Larman. No further record.

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