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The Hulsey Family - James Junnius Hulsey

James Junnius Hulsey
Third Generation, First Son, Born: 1754 in Goochland, VA
Died: 1 Jan 1827 in Hall Co., GA
Spouseless Relationship: 1775 in Burke Co., NC

Sarah Ann NMN
Born: Abt. 1758 in Burke Co., NC, Died: 5 Sep 1831 in Hall Co., GA

Sarah Ann NMN
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Early Life:
His family moved to Albemarle Co. VA in the early 1760’s. The family then moved to the Halifax (later Pittsylvania Co.), VA by 1766. The family remained there until 1774 or later. The family moved to Burke Co. NC by 1776.

North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia:
James Hulsey entered into an unrecorded relationship with Sarah Ann NMN or Ann NMN (her name is shown both ways) before the birth of their first child, Adam, in 1777 in Burke Co., NC. He recorded the purchase of land on John’s River below William Stones near the Three Forks of the river in 1778.

James Hulsey served in the Revolutionary War on two occasions. The first, date unrecorded, was in the North Carolina Line for a period of one year or less. The second was in 1780 under Col. Roebuck after the fall of Charleston, SC in 1780. A unit of the NC State Troops fought a retreat from near Charleston to Hillsboro, NC. James was paid for this service, an unusual occurrence during that period.

In 1777 or 1778 James Hulsey signed a “Road Request from the “Three Forks of the River” to the Globe Clearing. This area is northwest of now Lenoir, NC.

At some point in or after 1781 he moved back to Albemarle Co. VA for some years as he is shown on the Tax Records there. (His father, Charles II, may have retained land there.) It is not known how long he remained in VA before moving back to Burke Co, NC or to Greenville Dist., SC. His father had moved to Greenville Dist., SC by 1788 and one of James’ daughters is shown as being born in Greenville Dist. SC in 1786.

He, with his brothers Adler, Charles and Adonijah and his son Jennings, are shown in the 1890 SC Census in Greenville District. James is shown with 1 male under 16, 3 males over 16 and 5 females in his household.

On June 7, 1793, Jane and his brothers signed a deed as sons and heirs of the late Charles Hulsey transferring the land that their father had purchased from Thomas Lewis in 1790.

Later Life:
By 1800 he and his brothers Charles, Adler and Adonijah had moved to Franklin Co., GA. He recorded his first land purchase in 1801. This and other properties were within an area of Franklin Co. not ceded by the Cherokees until 1805 and near the 1805-1820 Cherokee boundaries. Over the next 20 years, he acquired additional lands in old Franklin County and owned as many as 9 slaves to work his land. See James Hulsey Land Transactions for details.

Some sources state that James Hulsey was living in Gwinnett Co. in 1820 and owned land there. A review of the Census records does not find a James Hulsey of the correct age in Franklin, Hall or Gwinnett County. His son Jennings is found in the Gwinnett Census Records. In the 1880's the Deed Records of Gwinnett County were destroyed by Fire.

In 1820 Hall, Habersham and Gwinnett Counties was expanded to the west and that land was divided into Land Lots and awarded through a Land Lottery. James was awarded a Land Lot in Habersham Co. This Land Lot was not registered to his name until after his death, apparently by Pleasant Hulsey, his son and administrator. Before 1822, he purchased one and one half land lots on Wahoo Creek in the 11th Land District of Hall Co. He sold a portion to his son Pleasant in 1822. Apparently this was his final home as his other properties were sold by 1824 or earlier.

He also drew land in the 1827 Land Lottery after his death. He had registered for this Lottery before his death.

After his death on Jan. 1, 1827, his son Pleasant was appointed as administrator of his estate and his property, excluding land was inventoried at $ 3, 771.39.

His Children:
Two of his daughters, Francis and Elizabeth, married before 1808 and never resided in Hall County.

William, his son, died in 1821 in Hall County and his children later emigrated to AR after residing with Pleasant Hulsey for some time.

Adam died in Hall County in 1832 without issue. Charles Isham and William P. Reed as brothers-in law were heirs to his estate.

Charles M. Hulsey moved to Carroll Co., GA about 1827.

John Hulsey moved to TN before 1830 and Joel H. Hulsey moved to TN after 1830.

Pleasant Hulsey moved to Lumpkin Co., GA after 1832. Some of his descendents remain in DeKalb, Dawson and Lumpkin Co., GA .

James Adler had a spouseless relationship with Mary Kettle resulting in two named children, Burrell and Lydia, before his death in 1832 in either north Hall Co. or south Habersham Co. (The 1830 Census shows a total of 11 persons, 3 adults and 8 children, in James Adler Hulsey’s household. The names of the other children are unknown.) Burrell remained in Hall Co. and his line continues to this day in Hall County. Burrell’s ancestry was confirmed by Nancy Isabella Shockley, his daughter-in-law and the wife of Burrell J. Hulsey.

Anne Hulsey married John Adam Miller in Forsyth Co., GA. The family later removed to old Cherokee Co., GA.

NFN Dau 1 Hulsey married Charles Isham. No further Information.

NFN Dau 2 Hullsey married William P. Reed. The Reed family remained in Hall Co. and still resides in the Murrayville area near the James Hulsey and Pleasant Hulsey Wahoo Creek Farm.

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