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The Head Family - James Head (1605-1682)

James Head

Born: 1605 in Hthe, England
Emigrated:1636 to Jamestown, VA
Died: 1682 in Accomack Co., VA
Married in 1625 in England:
Grace NMN
Born: 1605 in England, Died: 1625 in England

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James Head was the son of William Head, an Englishman that immigrated to the Virginia Colony and was killed in the Indian Massacre of 22 Mar, 1622. There is very little information on his mother.

James Head remained in England when his father emigrated to VA. He, his family, his mother and his sister emigrated to VA in 1636. He settled in Accomack Co., VA and was apparently a farmer.
Accomack County is located on the Eastern Shore of VA and, during the life of James Head, included the entire Eastern Shore. Based on the future location on his son, he settled in the northern reaches of the county near the Maryland border. The area was, and remains a farming community.
He died in 1682 in Accomack Co., VA.

Wife or Wives:
His listed wife, Grace, is shown as dyeing in 1625 in Accomack co., VA. This is clearly in error as James Head was in England at that time. It is possible that the death date is in error. James’ son is listed as being born in the year after her death. If not in error, then James Head married an unknown woman shortly after the death of Grace.
The listed data for his son, the elder William Head, is incorrect ether for the birth date or the birth location. James Head was clearly in England in 1626. It is probable that the birth location is incorrect and that the listed mother is incorrect.

Only one child is listed and there may have been others.
The elder William Head (1626-1710) – See separate entry.

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