The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Jacob Eberhart Huff
1837 - Aft. 1900

Married in 1858
Martha A. McAllister
1840 - Aft. 1880


The Children of Robert Huff

Robert Huff
Sarah H. Huff

Huff Family

He was five years old when his father died. He was awarded three male Negros from his father’s estate. His mother rented these Negros to others for his support and the income was more than sufficient for his support. The amount that he received from the Estate at his majority is not on record. In 1858 he was living with Thomas P. Huff on the Dower Lands when he sent a written proposal of marriage by letter to Martha McAllister. She replied that he should visit her for her answer. Apparently he did as they were married later that year.

In 1860 he his wife and one child were living next to his mother on his own land in the Glades Dist. His real estate was worth $ 1, 020, his personal property was valued at $ 1, 070 and he owned two slaves.

In August, 1862 Jacob E. Huff was mustered into Capt. Tiller’s Echols Light Artillery with several of his Glenn and Hardman neighbors. Echols Light Artillery was assigned to costal protection duties in north Florida for most of the War and saw very little action. Due to the lack of horses, the unit was assigned to guard duty at Anderson Prison from Aug, 1864 to Feb, 1865. In Feb. 1865, the unit was converted to an Infantry Unit and was assigned to Johnston’s Army of Tennessee, Hardee’s Corps in SC and NC.

The unit is listed as participating in the Battle of Averasboro, NC on March 15, 1865 and in the Battle of Bentonville, NC on March 19, 1865. Gen. Johnston surrendered on April 26 at Bennett’s Place and former Private Jacob E. Huff, at Surham Station (Greensboro), NC, was mustered out and returned home.

The 1870 Census recorded him, his wife and five children living on his farm in the Glades Dist. with real estate valued at $ 600 and personal property valued at $ 500.

His location varied over the next 30 years. He lost the farm and was living in Coweta Co., GA when he sold his share of the Sarah Huff Dower Lands to Henry Kinnebrew for $ 200 in 1872. Two of his children are listed as being born in Fulton Co., GA in 1876 and 1878. He was shown in the 1880 Census in Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA with his wife and four children. He was shown as a farm laborer.

In 1900, he was living with his son, Walter, in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA and working as a carpenter. His wife had previously died, date unknown. In 1910, Jacob E. Huff was shown as head of the household in Atlanta Ward 8, Fulton Co., with two of his daughters, Maggie Huff and Connie Fields, and two grandchildren. He continued to be listed as a carpenter at age 72. He died in Atlanta, GA in 1917 at age 80.

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