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The Head Family - Isaac Head

Isaac Head
Born: 1 Apr 1795, Westmoreland Co., VA
Died: 2 Apr 1863, Lumpkin Co., GA
Married: 14 Sep 1820, Hall Co., GA

Catherine A. “Kitty” Cavender
Born: 3 Feb 1803, Oconee Co., SC
Died: 6 Mar 1885, Lumpkin Co., GA

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Born in Westmoreland Co., VA, his family moved to Pickens Dist., SC and, in 1815, to Cherokee territory, GA (Hall Co., GA after 1820) in the company of the Clement Cavender family. The two families were the pioneer families of the Wahoo community of Hall and Lumpkin Counties. He was living in the home of his father, James Head, in 1820. He was actually named “Isaac Marion” but used the name “Isaac” in almost every instance.

He married Catherine Kitty Cavender on 4 Sep. 1820 in Hall County. His brother, Charles, had married Betsy Cavender, Kitty’s sister two years earlier.

Isaac Head is shown as enlisting in the Hall Co. Dragoons on 7 Jun, 1820 and serving until 25 Jul 1821 for service in the Indian Wars. Service in this unit was light as he was married and his first child was conceived during his period of military service.

On 28 Jun 1823, he bought 250 acres for $ 150 from Isaac Middlebrooks in Land Lot 43 of the 11th Dist., in Hall County, GA. (Hall Co. Deed Records, Book A, page 370) In 1830he inherited 100 acres in LL 47, 11th Dist. from his father.

In the 1830 Census, he is shown in Hall Co., GA with 2 male children under 14, 2 female children under 14, his wife, and an unknown male 20 to 29. The unknown male may have been a relative or may have been a farm laborer. None of the Census Reports list slave ownership.

In 1833 and recorded in 1839, he bought 58 acres in LL 47, 11th Dist., originally belonging to his father, from Memory Walker. (Hall Co. Deed Records, Book E, page 257.) He sold this land and an additional 100 acres (that he had inherited from his father) to John A. Abercrombie for $ 750 in 1839. (Hall Co. Deed Records, Book E, page 238.) Part of this land remains in the Abercrombie family to this day.

In 1836 Isaac Head sold his farm in LL 43, 11th Dist., to Ambrose Little. Included in the sale was 25 additional acres in LL 53. Isaac had moved (or was moving) to Wahoo Creek area of Lumpkin Co. at this time.

The Land Records of Lumpkin Co., GA were destroyed by fire and time of his move to Lumpkin Co., GA is unclear. He is shown as buying land in Lumpkin Co. from Jesse Hough of Habersham Co., GA. He is also shown as purchasing land in LL 697, 11th Dist., Apr, 1836 , in LL 767, 11th Dist. in Oct. 1838, and in LL 902, 11th Dist. in Apr., 1837. A Land Lot referred to as the “Stonepile Gap Lot” was included in his estate. At some point he purchased a Land Lot in Gilmer County, GA as listed in his estate.
He was a farmer and land buyer during his lifetime. There is no record of Isaac Head being involved in gold mining. Apparently the sale of farm products and timber to the gold miners was sufficient for a comfortable life. According to Census Reports, he hired farm laborers in addition to his family.
The 1840 Census find Isaac Head as living in Walkers Dist. of Lumpkin County with 3 males under 19, 2 females under 19, his wife and 2 unknown free white persons under 20, possibly farm laborers.

Isaac Head was elected Judge of the Inferior Court (now County Commissioner) for two terms: 1841 to 1845 and 1849 to 1854. He served as Justice of the Peace for a number of years.  In 1847 he was listed as the trustee for the estate of John Thompson.

He is shown in the 1850 Census with the following family members:
Isaac Head, 48; Catherine , 45; Rebecca, 24; Vashti, 23; Washington, 21; Marar (Marion), 14; Susan, 13; Nancy, 11; Caroline, 8; and William, 4. Two other persons; Penkuz Miers, 18 and John Miers, 15; were present in the household and were possibly farm laborers.

In 1852 Isaac Head sold a parcel of land to William C. Perry.

The1860 Census for Yahoo Dist. listed the following:
Isaac Head, 57; Kitty, 56; Rebecca M, 28; Vashti, 26; Susanna, 20; Kitty C., 14; and William K., 13. Apparently Isaac has slowed down his farming activities as no farm laborers were in his household.
Isaac Head died on 2 Apr, 1863 and was buried in the Salem Baptist Church Cemetery on Black Mountain Road.
On 2 Apr 1865, C. A. J. (Clemeth) Head and Kitty Head were appointed as administrators of the estate. J. N. Jones gave bond of $ 6,000 for the executors, a considerable bond for a farmer’s estate. On 7 May 1867 an agreement between the heirs of the estate was executed, including a lot in Lumpkin Co. and a lot in Gilmer Co. The Agreement is not found in the Probate Files.

As Kitty Cavender was shown as living next to William K. P. Head in 1880, he inherited part or the entire Isaac Head home farm.

Clemeth Andrew Jackson Head (1822-1891) married Lavonia (Mary Ann) Ferguson (1825-1900), 10 children. He lived in Lumpkin Co. his entire life.

Vashti Head (1826-1911) married John B. Cain (1826-1902), no children listed. She lived in Lumpkin Co. her entire life.

Rebecca M. Head (1827-1901) married 1) Jim Barrett, one child; 2) William Avery, two children. She remained in Lumpkin Co. her entire life.

James Washington K. Head (1829-1889) married Sallie Everett (aft. 1831-?), five children. Moved to Walker Co., GA about 1850.

Isaac Marion Head (1835-1964) married Amanda C. Pierce (1839-1914), four surviving children. Moved to Walker Co., GA about 1858. – See separate article.

Martha Susanna Head (1837-1906) married 1) Joel Fain (1832-1863), 1 child; 2) John A Rider, six children. Remained in Lumpkin Co. her entire life.

Nancy Head (1834-1876) married Archibald Lumpkin Wimpy (1837-1900), six children. Remained in Lumpkin Co. her entire life.

Catherine Caroline Head (1842-1896) married Isaac Taylor Wimpy (1847-?), three children listed. Remained in Lumpkin Co., GA her entire life.

Kitty Catherine Head (1845-?). No further record.

William Colquit Knox Polk (Black Polk) Head (1848-1906) married Missouri Jones (1856-1915), six children. Remained in Lumpkin Co. his entire life.

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