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The Hulsey Family - Hiram Hulsey

Hiram Hulsey
Eighth Son of Adonijah Hulsey
Fourth Generation
Born: 1800 in Greenville Dist. SC
Died: 1860 in Carroll Co., AR
Spouseless Relationships with:

1) NFN Hiram NMN about 1815, Hall Co., GA
Born after 1795
Died before 1823

2) Nancy Ramsey in 1823, Hall Co, GA
Born: About 1800 in SC
Died: 1872 in Boone Co., AR

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The Hulsey Family
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The Huff Family

Hiram Hulsey, also shown as Hiram Kinsey Hulsey, was born in Greenville Co., SC or Franklin Co., GA of Adonijah Hulsey, of English ancestry, and Sarah NMN, possibly of Cherokee ancestry. The birth location is unclear as the family moved to Franklin Co., GA about the time of his birth. The name used in the property records in Hall County referenced only the name Hiram.

Hiram Hulsey was illiterate his entire life according to Census records. The fact that he was unsure of the ages of his family in the 1830 and later Censuses reflects this fact.

His father first settled in Franklin Co., GA and moved before 1813 to then Jackson, later Hall Co. after 1818. His father completed the purchase of 700 acres on the North Oconee River in 1818. Other transactions indicate that he lived on the North Oconee River property since 1813 and possibly before.

About 1818 a Hiram Hulsey enter into a spouseless relationship with an unnamed woman (identified as NMN Hiram NLN) and at least one daughter was born to the relationship as shown in the 1820 Census for Hall County. This relationship had ended before 1823. The circumstances surrounding the end of the relationship and the fate of the daughter are unknown.

There is some question on the part of the researcher as to this Hiram Hulsey being the same person as the subject of this article. The relationship would have had to begun when Hiram Hulsey was of age 17 or 18, even a young age for that date and time. It should be noted that there were at least three unrelated Hulsey families in the Franklin-Jackson area at th
at time.

In June of 1821, Adonijah Hulsey, his father, sold 150 acres to Hiram Hulsey. During the same period or later, Adonijah sold the remaining portions of his property to three other sons. The four sons paid for the property in order for Adonijah to provide for his other heirs. The deed to Hiram was not recorded until 1832.

The listed facts concerning Hiram shows his unlicensed marriage to Nancy Ramsey in 1823. The date of this union is unclear as their first child, Naomi, was not born until 1827. The east Hall County community was a small one and community events were closely followed, thus one can be sure that Hiram’s first union had ended by 1823. (See Wives of Hiram Hulsey.)

In March of 1822 Hiram sold the 150 acre property to William Henderson of Habersham Co, GA possibly because he planned to move to Kentucky.

On June 9, 1823 the same property deeded to Hiram was sold at a Sheriff’s Sale to William Henderson to satisfy a lien against Adonijah Hulsey. (The deed to Hiram had not been recorded.) Hiram Huley (Hulsey) was a witness to the sale, indicating that he had entered into an unstated agreement with Mr. Henderson concerning the property.

Note: The references to the land transactions of Hiram Hulsey are contained in the Adonijah Hulsey Land Transctions.

At some point in or after 1823, Hiram and Nancy moved to KY, possibly near to where his brother Joel had settled in Barren Co. KY. Apparently KY did not agree with Hiram and his family, as they stayed there less than six years.

By 1829 Hiram and his family returned to Hall County, based on the birth of his daughter Sarah, living near his father’s home. The 1830 Census listed Hiram’s household as: 2 Free White Males under 5 (Bradford and Alford if their birth is misstated, otherwise unknown), 1 Free White Male 20 to 29 (Hiram), 1 Free White Female under 5 (Sarah), 2 Free White Females 5 to 9 (Naomi and Caroline), 1 Free White Female 20 to 29 (Nancy) and 1 Free Colored Male under 10 (unknown).

Tradition has it that either Adonijah Hulsey or William Henderson built a smaller mill on the property previously owned by Hiram Hulsey. As Hiram was a miller by profession, he may have learned the trade at this mill, either before he moved to KY or, more likely, during his second residence on Hall County.

In 1831, the Executors of the Estate of William Henderson recorded a sale of the 150 acre property to Stephen Durham of Franklin County. In order to clear the title, the deeds of Adonijah to Hiram and Hiram to William Henderson were recorded. Hiram was living in Hall Co. at that time and the deeds may have been rewritten and signed in 1832. (This was entirely possible as all of the Hulsey family, being illiterate, signed “his X mark.”)

Arkansas Migration:
Hiram remained in Hall Co. until 1833-34 when he moved to Crittenden Co., AR, across the Mississippi River from Memphis, TN., where he remained four to five years. He had Hulsey cousins living in Crittenden Co. at that time.

Between 1835 and 1837, Hiram moved his family to then Carroll Co. AR. He had numerous Hulsey and Boyd relatives living in the area and Nancy’s brother, John Thomas Ramsey, was a quite successful farmer in that area. Hiram lived near Elijah Hulsey, a first cousin and Wiley Boyd, a first cousin by marriage in 1840. Apparently he had moved to the Long Creek area of Carroll Co., AR by 1840.

According to the descendents of Hiram Hulsey, the family was not allow to reside in Green Forest, AR as the community considered the family to be Cherokee Indians.  Thus the various Hulsey and Boyd families lived on rural farms and could only visit the towns.

In the 1840 Census Hiram Hulsey is shown as living in Prairie Township, Carroll Co., AR with 2 White Males 5 to 9 (Bradford and Alford), 1 White Male 40 to 49 (Hiram), 2 White Females under 5 (Martha Jane and unknown), 1 White Female 5 to 9 (Elizabeth), 1 White Female 10 to 14 (Nancy Adeline), 1 White Female 15 to 19 (Caroline), 1 White Female 30 to 39 (Nancy). Neither he nor Nancy could read or write.

Pat Downing Keene of the Hulsey Registry reported that Hiram Hulsey was one of the of the founding members of the United Baptist Church before 1850 and was listed as its preacher. A church by that name is currently holding services in Green Forest, AR.

Apparently Hiram remained in the Osage community the remainder of his life. He is shown in the 1850 Census as Hiram Halsey and his family is shown as Hiram, age 50; Nancy, age 40; Alford, age 19; Caroline, age 18, Bradford, age 17, Nancy, age 13; Martha, age 10, Hiram K. (Kinsey), age 8, Elizabeth, age 5; and Gen (Zackary) Taylor, age 2. Hiram’s occupation was listed as farmer and miller.

Note: Caroline has been added to the list of Hiram’s and Nancy’s children and the age of children have been adjusted to reflect the 1850 Census.

In 1860, the Hulsey family was shown in Osage, AR as: Hiram, age 60; Nancy, age 50; Martha J, age 19; Hiram (Kinsey), age 17; Elizabeth, age 15 and Zachary T., age 12. Hiram was shown with no real estate and personal property of $ 540.

Hiram reportedly died in 1860.

Nancy Hulsey reportedly died in Boone Co., AR in 1872. No record of her has been found in the 1870 Census.

Note: Two of the Hulsey children married into the Ramsey family; Naomi married Thompson Ramsey and Hiram K. married Nancy Ramsey. Both spouses were the children of John Thomas Ramsey and thus the nephew and niece of Nancy Ramsey Hulsey.

Commentary and Conclusions:
Jesse H. Hulsey (1824-1908 is shown as the son of Hiram Hulsey in several Family Trees. This is incorrect biased on circumstantial evidence.
Hiram Hulsey married Nancy Ramsey in 1823. Given the facts that her father was living in an adjacent county and her brother was living in the East Hall community, she would not have married a man with an existing relationship. Given the small size of the East Hall-West Franklin community, such a relationship would have been noted.
A person of Jesse’s age (6 in 1830 and 16 in 1840) is not shown in Hiram Hulsey’s household in the 1830 or 1840 Census, given the known sons of Hiram.
There is no family tradition of Jesse H. Hulsey traveling outside of GA before his Civil War service.
The conclusion is that Jesse H. Hulsey was not the son of Hiram Hulsey.

Hiram Hulsey Migration

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