The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Henry P. Huff
Born:  1820 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
Died:  1866 in Oglethorpe Co., GA
1)  Elmira Adams
Born:  1826 in Elbert Co., GA
Died:  1844 in Elbert Co., GA
2)  Elizabeth Ann Fortson
Born:  1833 in Elbert Co., GA
Died:  1883 in Oglethorpe Co., GA


Children of Peter Huff, Jr.

Peter Huff, Jr.

The Huff Family


Henry P. Huff used the name “Huff” in the legal record. He was married twice without legal issue. He may have had issue with Ellen, a slave woman, but these children were not recognized.

When he was born, he had six living adult half-siblings and three nephews older that he from his father’s first marriage. His father died when he was age eight and his life a child is documented in the Estate Returns. He received four adult male slaves and $ 1, 150 from the Estate. The slaves were hired out to others during his childhood and the income was more than sufficient for his support and education. He lived with his mother during his childhood. His final settlement from the Estate is not listed.

Apparently he lived on his mother’s property until 1845. He married Elmira Adams of Elbert County in 1843 and she died in 1844.

In 1845, Henry P. Huff bought 650 acres on the Broad River waters from John S. McGhee, adjacent to his mother’s property.

In 1849 he married Elizabeth Fortson, his first wife’s first cousin. He later divorced her. He and Elizabeth are shown in Goosepond Dist. in the 1850 Census with the ownership of 27 slaves.

His half-brother Charles died in 1850 and left his entire estate to Richard Huff. Richard Huff transferred the Charles Huff Estate property of 1427 acres to Henry P. Huff in 1853. It is unknown if Henry P. Huff retained the Broad River property as it was not shown in the Henry P. Huff Estate filings.

Henry P. Huff was living alone in the 1860 Census adjacent to his nephew by marriage, Henry Kinebrew. Henry P. Huff is show as owning 43 slaves and with assets of $ 64, 000 in real estate and $ 38, 000 in personal property.

Henry P. Huff died in 1866 and left his entire estate to Richard Huff. On 5 Nov. 1867 Willis Willingham recorded a deed buying the Henry P. Huff property of 1340 acres. On 12 Nov 1867 Willis Willingham signed a Quit Claim Deed to Richard Huff for the same property.

Note: Portion of the settlement of the Richard Huff Estate:
Ellen Hoff, a person of color, former slave of Henry P. Huff, and the children of Ellen Hoff, of faithful service – 100 acres reserved from the Henry P. Huff tract adjoining the Burt line. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.
Children of Ellen Huff, person of color - 100 acres reserved from the Henry P. Huff tract adjoining the Burt line. Deed recorded 30 Nov 1871.

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