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The Head Family - Henry Head.

Henry Head
Born: 1695 in Lancaster Co., VA.
Died: 5 May 1765 in Spotsylvania Co., VA
Married in 1715 in Lancaster Co., VA:

Francis Spence
Born: 1695 in VA.
Died: 1772 in Rappahannock, VA.

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Henry Head was the fourth and youngest listed child of the younger William Head and Elizabeth Morgan. His family was of English extraction and he was the fifth generation of his family in Virginia.


First shown on the Tax Records of Lancaster Co., VA in 1716 with a wife and one child. He married Francis Spence, the daughter of Doctor (and plantation owner) Alexander Spence in 1716. His family consisted of 3 sons and 1 daughter, born between 1716 and 1721.

He was a smaller planter with considerable farming interests.

He is on record in 1743 as selling land in King George Co., VA that his wife inherited from his father.
It is thought he moved to Spotsylvania Co. VA about 1720.

He also had interests in Culpeper County about 1731.

His home was in Berkley Parrish, Spotsylvania County for most of his life. He would have been considered a small-to-moderate planter of the Virginia Colony.

His will, settled in 1773, listed 8 slaves and other property, 5 pewter dishes and 388 other dishes.

His listed children were:
Henry Head (1716-1778 married Mary NMN. He relocated to Wake Co., NC. Three children listed.

Mildred (1720-1813) married Uriah Edwards, Sr. and lived in Spotsylvania Co., VA. She died in Franklin, KY where many of her children had moved. Ten children listed.

Alexander Spence Head (1721-1797). See Separate Article.

Benjamin Head (1731-1803 married Martha Sharman. He was a planter of considerable means in Orange Co., VA. He was a Militia Officer during the Revolutionary War as was his son, James Head. He and his family are often confused with the sons of Alexander Spence Head. His son, James, moved to Elbert Co. GA and two grandsons resided in Lumpkin Co., GA at a later date. Four children listed.

Map:  Henry Head

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