he Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

George Rockingham Gilmer Huff
1 Aug 1831 - 11 Jul 1915

Married on 6 Sep 1854
 Martha Jane Bridges
5 Sep 1836 - 9 Feb 1923


The Children of Robert Huff

Robert Huff
Sarah H. Huff

Huff Family

He was eleven years old when his father died and the Estate awarded him 3 Negros, possibly a family group. During his minority, the rental of these people to others supported his needs. The settlement of his portion of the estate when he reached his majority is not on record. He had lived with his mother until his majority. He did not own slaves as an adult.

He married Martha Jane Bridges in 1854 and moved to the Simston Dist. (misidentified as Goosepond) where he lived with his wife and three children in 1860. A fourth child was born in 1861. He had bought his farm from his uncle, Richard Huff, who had inherited the property from another uncle, Charles Huff.

In May, 1861 he was mustered into the Gilmer Blues that became Co. K, 6th GA Infantry. After coastal protection duties, the 6th Ga. was attached to Longstreet's Corps for the Peninsular Campaign of April-May, 1862.

He was wounded at the Battle of Fort Magruder, Williamsburg, VA on May 5, 1862 and discharged May 25, 1862. The nature of his wound is not known, save that it was disabling.

He returned to his farm and remained a farmer in the Simston Dist. apparently successfully. He sold his share of the Dower rights to Henry Kennebrew for $ 125 in 1863. A second deed, uttered in 1864, sold his rights again to Henry Kinnebrew for $ 400. Apparently the value of the property was misstated in the 1863 deed. He later signed a Quit Claim Deed for the same share in 1872, being paid $ 200 at that time. (Note:  Irrespective of the other share holders, at least George R. G. Huff recieved full value for his share of the Dower Lands.)

He and his wife were the parents of 11 children. Three of his children did not marry and remained on his farm as shown in the 1910 Census. He and his family were well known in Oglethorpe and Clarke Counties. At least three of his married children remained in Oglethorpe County where their descendents remain to this day. He died in Oglethorpe Co. in 1915, the last survivor, but one, of his generation. His wife Martha survived him for eight years.

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