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The Head Family - the elder William Head.

the elder William Head
Born: About 1626 in Accomack, VA
Died: 1710 in St. Mary’s, Richmond Co., VA
1) Unknown Wife (?)
2) Unkown Wife (?)

3) Mary Williams in 1695 in Richmond, Wise Co., VA
Born: 1630, Richmond, WiseCo., VA
Died: 1690 (?), St. Mary"s Parish, Richmond Co., VA

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The name prefix “the elder” is used to distinguish him from his son of the same name. He was the son of James Head of Accomack, Co. VA. Accomack Co. VA abutted Maryland on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay.

Mark B. Arslam http://arslanmb.org/head-ColonialVA/ states that William Head was married three times. He lists the second wife as Martha Chambers. The previous and later wives are unnamed.

As the children of the elder William Head were born of the same generation (and about the same time) as the stated birth of Mary Williams, she would have been the last wife. The date of the death of Mary Williams is clearly incorrect as she was administered William Head's estate. The name of the mother of the listed children is unknown.

William Head married Mary Williams in 1695 in Richmond Co., VA.

Possible Fact: The elder William Head may be (or may not be) the subject of the following account as there were more than one Head family in northern VA and eastern Maryland at that time.

The Heads migrated between Maryland and Virginia regularly during this period. Apparently, William Head held property in Westmoreland Co, VA in the 1670's.
William Head appears in the records of Charles, St. Mary's and Calvert Counties; Maryland from 1628 onward.

William Head of St. Mary's County, Maryland, across the Potomac River from Westmoreland Co., VA, was involved in Bacons' Rebellion in 1676. Bacon's Rebellion was a Rebellion against the governor of VA, who supported a "Peace Policy" with the Indians. The Rebels wanted a "War Policy" against the Indians. After the Rebels burned Jamestown, the capital, the Royal Navy and the loyal troops suppressed the Rebellion Most of the actions took place along the James River.

William Head and four others were sued in Westmoreland Co., VA in 1677. The Court returned a judgment for 6, 400 pounds of tobacco after the rebel garrison at Col. Jonathan Washington's home seized the property of Maj. Isaac Allerton. Col. Washington was George Washington's grandfather. William Head was the only one of the four that did not turn States Evidence and were pardoned.

William Head fled to St. Mary's Parish, Maryland for a period. How William Head escaped the judgment is unknown.

In 1694, William Head purchased 100 acres in St. Mary's Parish, Richmond Co, VA from a Robert Peck. He and his wife, Mary, sold a water grist mill, known as Head's Mill, and two acres to Lem Williams. Later, William's widow was granted administration of the estate. His son, the younger William Head eventually came into possession of the St. Mary’s Parish farm. Title later passed to Alfred Head, who sold the property to Henry Turner in 1740.

Source: Stanley W. Head, Genealogy Notebook, p. 1-51, U. S. Archives for Westmoreland, VA.

The younger William Head (About 1660 - 1711). See separate account.
John Head (about 1660 - 1730). No further information.
Richard Head (about 1660 - 1730). No further information.

Map:  Final Homes - James haed and the elder William Head

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