The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Dirck (Hoff)

Born: 1594 in Luttenborg, Netherlands.
Emigrated: 1652 to New Netherlands.
Died: 1692(?) Brooklin, Kings Co., New York.
Married: 1610 in Luttenborg, Netherlands.
Jennette Jejanes
Born: 1595 In Luttenborg, Netherlands.
Died: 1655 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY.


The Huff Family

The Hulsey Family

The Head Family



After 350 years, the historical information is incomplete and unreliable. For example, Dirck does not have a patronymic, common with Dutch naming conventions. These notes are based on the available information.

Dirck never used the name “Hoff” during his lifetime, as Family Names were not used at that time.  No patronymic survives. The listed data has his marriage at age 16 and his wife at 15. He had moved to Hoven, Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands by 1620 where his son was born. (Some listings show a second son, Leonardt, born in 1611. This is questionable as Leonardt is shown as being born in New York before any settlement of the area. There is no further information on this son.)

He is shown as emigrating in 1652, but may have arrived in the company of his son in 1650. He was 57 years old at the time of emigration. He settled in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York.  No occupation has been listed.  Brooklyn was an agricultural community at that time. 

His wife died in 1655 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY.

He has not been found in any records of the Dutch Reformed Church, unusual for the period. His death date is questionable as it is the same date as that of his son.

Paulus Dirksen (Hoff) (1620-1692). See separate article.