The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Derrick Pauluszen Hoff
Born: Abt. 1649 in Netherlands
Died: 22 Dec 1630 in Maidenhead, Mercer Co., NJ
1) Aeghie Tennus Covert in 1673 in Long Island, NY
Born: Abt. 1650 in Heemstede, Neterlands
Died: Aft. 1680 in Flatbush, Queens Co., NY
2) Sarah Willemse Yates after 1680 in Flushing, NY
Born: 1660 in Flushing, NY
Died: 1743 in Lawrenceville, Mercer Co. NY


The Huff Family

The Hulsey Family

The Head Family



Born in the Netherlands, he immigrated with his family to Staten Island in 1650. His family relocated to Fort Orange (Albany, NY) after the Indian Massacre on Staten Island in 1655. The family moved to Long Island and settled in Flatbush in 1662. In 1663, at the age 14, Derrick signed a petition to form a new village near Brooklyn.

He married Aeghie Covert in 1673 and five sons, including a set of twins, were born before her death about 1680. From 1677 through 1685 he was shown as living in Flatbush in church records. After her death, he married Sarah Yeats and the family relocated at some point to Jamaica, NY near his father. Five more children were born while the family lived in Jamaica, NY.

About 1694 the family moved to Flushing, NY where Sarah had inherited property from her father. Two more sons were born in Flushing; bring his family to ten living children. One son had died in 1692.

In 1702, the family moved to Maidenhead Township, Mercer Co., NJ between Trenton and Princeton. (Maidenhead was created in 1697) To comply with the property and civil laws; he took the name “Hoff” at that time. (One source states that his grandfather used the patronymic Hoff, but that is not reflected in the record.) Two more children were born in Maidenhead and some question their parentage as Sarah was in her forties at the time of their birth; however they are cited in his will.

In a deed dated 8 Jan 1710, the property that became Maidenhead Meetinghouse was conveyed to 33 grantees including Derrick Hoff and four of his sons. This Church remains active today on the same property as Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church.

In 1722, Derrick executed a will (proved 22 Dec 1730) that listed his heirs as William, Richard, Thomas, Powell, John, Charles, Joseph, Benjamin, Sarah Anderson, Mary Gary and Sarah, his wife. Pieter, his first son, was mentioned as a minor debtor to the estate. It should be noted that he used English names in his will rather than Dutch names.

Agriculture was a lucrative business during the later life of Derrick Hoff as the Maidenhead community was near Philadelphia.

About 1728, Derrick Hoff bought another farm near Maidenhead that was later named Cherry Grove by Dr Werner Lambert. The farm is now an organic farm producing cheeses.

Derrick Hoff died in 1730 and his second wife, Sarah, survived him by 13 years.

DNA Evidence: In August, 2006; a proven male parental descendent of Derrick Hoff was tested with a Y Chromosome DNA Haplogroup Q. Since that time a proven male parental descendent of Robert Huff (1788-1842) has tested with Haplogroup Q. The children of Robert Huff are descended from Derrick Hoff.

1) With Aeghie Tennus Covert (1650-1680):

Powell Huff (1675-1749) married Rachel Stiles, 4 children. Died in Hopewell, Hunderdon, NJ.
Pieter (Peter) Hoff 1678-1756) married Catherine Brokaw (1686-1728), 15 children. Died in Brooklyn, NY.
Teunis Hoff (1679-1722?) married Jannetije Brass (1686-?), one child listed. Died in Somerset Co, NJ.
Johannes Hoff (1680-1692). Died in Jamaica, NY.
Willelmas (William) Hoff (1680-1742), no wife or children listed. Died in Monmouth Co., NJ.

2) With Sarah Willemse Yates (1660-1743):
Derrick (Richard) Hoff (1685-1745), no wife or children listed. Died in Hunterdon Co., NJ.
Willem Derick (William) Hoff (1685-1742) married Elizabeth Leonard (1692-1758), 5 children. Died in Monmouth Co., NJ.
Sarah Hoff (1688-1779) married Jeremiah Anderson (1705-1790), 3 children. Died in Hunterdon, NJ.
Thomas Hoff (1690-1770) married Winefrith Johnson (1710-?), 6 chidren. Died in Hunerdon Co., NJ.
Jan (John) Hoff (1692-1741) married Eve Johnson (1792-1757), 2 children. Died in London, VA (?).
Charles Dircksen Hoff (1697-1746) married Angelica Johnson (1700-?), 8 children. Died in Hoff’s Pittstown, Hunterdon Co., VA.
Benjamin Hoff (1702-1796), no wife listed, two children. Died in Sussex, NJ.
Mary Hoff (1704-?) married ? Gary, no children listed.