The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

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The drive and ability to accumulate wealth of the first three Huff Family generations in GA deserted the fourth generation with three exceptions.  Of the twelve children to achieve adulthood, nine lived a hard-scrabble to low-income existence.  Only three achieved a middle-class to confortable life.  George R. G. Huff became a successful farmer with considerable resources.  Elizabeth H. Glenn inherited a large farm form her uncle and Henry and Nancy Jane H. Kinnebrew and her husband, Henry Kinnebrew, obtained the Sarah Huff Dower Lands of 600 acres after Sarah Huff's death with funds from an unknown source.  Listed below is each child and a narrtive of his or her life:

John Peter Huff 1815-1862
Married Nancy Holoway Martin (1822-aft. 1889)
Eight Children

William Benjamin Huff, MD (1817-aft. 1870)
Married Barbara Williams Anthony (1818-1870)
Eleven Children

James Richard Washington Huff (1819-1851)
Married Martha Stephens (1824-1911)
Six Children

Joseph Terrell Huff (1820-1858)
Married Lousia C. Green (1820-?)

Thomas Poole Huff (1822-1902)
Married Mary Ann Grey (1838-1902)
Nine Children

Zilla Ann Huff (1825-1825)
Died as an Infant

Matthew Rainey Huff (1826-1861)

Elizbeth Francis Huff (1828-1908)
1) William Henry Glenn (1821-1853)
2) Gideon Bowles Bunch (1824-1890)

Isaac Collier Huff (1830-1837)

George Rockingham Gilmer Huff (1831-1915)
Married Martha Jane Bridges (1836-1923)
Eleven Children

Lucindia Martha Huff (1832-aft. 1880)
Married Thomas L. Glenn (1820-1882)
Two Children

Nancy Jane Huff (1834-1912)
Married Henry Kinnebrew MD (1830-1886)
4 Children

Charles Mathew Huff (1835-1919)
Married Farancis Elizabeth Bell (1838-1910)
Eight Children

Jacob Eberhart Huff (1837-1918)
Married Martha A. McAllister (1840-bef. 1900)
Nine Children

About       Huff Family Notes     Robert Huff    Sarah Hardman Huff    Huff Family