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The Hulsey Family - Charles Hulsey II

Charles Hulsey II
Second Generation, Direct Ancestor; Born: About 1721 in Goochland, VA; Died: 1793 in Greenville Dist., SC
Married: 1752 in Goochland, VA
Hannah Witt
Born: 1730 in Halifax, Halifax Co., VA; Died: 1805 in Franklin Co., GA

Hanna Witt
The Hulsey Family
The Head Family
The Huff Family

He was born about 1721-1722 to Charles Hulsey and Savannah.

His father died in 1722 or before, willing a 100 ac. tract to John Webb, apparently for the support of Charles II. His mother inherited a second tract of 85 acres, both tracts being in Goochland, VA.

Nearing her death, his mother repurchased the Charles Webb tract and deeded a total of 200 acres to Charles II “for love and affection” in 1729. “Susannah Hulsey of St James Parish, Goochland co, for love and affection, to her son Charles Hulsey, land on lower side of upper branch of Beaver Dam Creek, 200 acres with all houses, etc. Wit: John Webb, Joseph Ashlin.”

Early Life:

It is unknown where Charles II spent his minority. During his majority he was closely associated with the Webb, Witt, Matlock, Estes and Chandler families over his lifetime. His and John Webb's 200 acre property was cited as being excluded from a deed uttered on Apr. 20, 1836. (This and following real estate transactions posted on Ancestry by Stan Coker.) On May 18, 1743 he sold an undescribed property to Tucker Woodson.

His first child, James Junnius, was born of Hanna Witt in 1754. His marriage to Hannah Witt, daughter of John Witt, was recorded in the Douglas Register on Jan. 2, 1756 and his second child, Charles III, was born on July 2, 1756 according to the same Register.

The Migrations:

The Albemarle Co., VA Deed Records refer to his owning land adjacent to land purchased from William Moore by Nathan Barrett on Sept. 10, 1762. This property is now within Fluvanna Co., VA., adjacent to Goochland Co.

At some point between 1760 and 1766, he moved to the Halifax Co. (later Pittsylvania Co.) area of Virginia. (Actually across the NC line in Surry Co. The boundary was indefinite when he relocated.) The Witt family and the Matlock family moved to the same area during the same period. Note: The Witt family had been resident in Halifax Co. before moving to Goochland Co.

NC, Surry Co. Tax List 1774, John Deatherage's List: Charles Hulsey, SR., Charles Hulsey, Jr. Dan River adjacent James Hulsey...
Burke Co. NC Land Records, 1778, # 1049, p 344: Charles Haedeley (Hulsey), 200 ac., on John's River below James Jaddley's entry, both sides of River, down for complement. Entered Nov 17, 1778. warrant ordered. Transferred to Benjamin Akins. Note: This transaction may have been by Charles II or Charles III.

In 1779, a Charles Hulsey gave bond in Burke Co., NC in two court cases.

SC, Greenville Co., Dec. 17, 1791: Will of William Stone. Witness: Michael Henderson, Charles (his X mark) Hudlesly (Hulsey).

Greenville Co. Deed Records, Mar 9, 1790: Charles Hudlsley (Hulsey) bought from Thomas Lewis land in Greenville Co. SC. (Note: The acreage and price is not given in the Ancestery.com posting.)

The 1790 Census does not list Charles Hulsey II. James, Charles III, Adonjah and Adler Hulsey are listed in the 1790 Census in Greenville Co., SC under the name “Hulsea.”

SC, Greenville Co., Dec 10, 1792: Petition to State Legislature. Request to alter order regarding county courts. Signed by …, Charles Hulsey (III), Charles Hulsey, Sr. (II), Adjoniah Hulsey, Asa (Adler) Hulsey,.......

7 June, 1793, 8 June 1793, Greenville Co., SC Registry of Deeds, Book C, Page 268: From James (Junius) Hulsey, Charles Hulsey (III), Adonijah Hulsey, Jesse (Sr.) and Adler Hulsey, heirs of the late Charles Hulsey (II) (Note: The name used was “Hudlesley” in all instances.) to Michael Henderson for “50 pounds current, 100 acres more or less, formerly Granted to Charles Hulsey (II), now deceased, from Thomas Lewis on Mountain Creek of the Saluda River,” adjoining John Mattlock, Charles Estes and Michael Henderson. Witness: David Henderson, John Henderson. Signed: By above five Grantors using the name “Hudlesley” and signing “His X Mark.” Note: No mention was made of Parthenia Hulsey or Elizabeth Hulsey, the daughters of Charles Hulsey II.

Commentary and Conclusions:

Charles II was closely associated with the John Witt family until about 1778. He and the Witt family moved to the Halifax Co. VA – Surrey Co., NE area at the same time.

Charles II was closely associated with the John Matlock family from Goochland Co., VA to Greenville Co. SC. John Matlock was a brother-in-law, marring Nancy Witt, the sister of Hanna Witt. Charles II's land in Greenville Co. SC was adjacent to John Matlock and Charles Estes, the father of Joshua Estes who married Elizabeth Hulsey.

He was functionally illiterate but took care to record his property transactions. He apparently was careful with his assets, having sufficient funds to purchase several properties over his lifetime.

There is some variance between the location of the births of his later children and the real estate records. The place of birth of his children has been changed to reflect Charles II's residence.

From 1766 until his death in 1792, his family was closely associated with the Cherokee, living close to the Indian boundary. Both sons and grandsons formed spouseless relationships with possibly Cherokee women. (During this period ministers would not marry a Cherokee to a white person.)

Charles II is not shown as serving in the Revolutionary War but Burke Co., NC was actively raided by the Cherokee during the period. (Two of his sons, James and Jesse, are listed as serving.) Burke Co., together with the adjacent Watauga communities of now TN, served as a refuge for families from SC and GA. The threat of British Major Ferguson to pacify Burke Co. and the Watauga communities led directly to the Kings Mountain Battle. Burke Co. Militia solders fought at both Kings Mountain and Cowpens, but there is no listing of Hulsey family members at either battle.

Charlse Hulsey II is shown by the DAR as a Patroit Ancestor based on his suppling the Army and his sworn Oath of Alegeince.

The Charles Hulsey II Migration:

1722-1762 approx: Goochland Co. VA. Age: 0-38
1760 approx.-1766: Albemarle Co. VA. Age 38-43
1766-1778: Halifax Co. VA and Surrey Co., NC. Age: 43-56
1778-1788: Burke Co. NC. Age: 56-66
1789-1792: Greenville Co. SC. Age: 66-70

The family generally stayed together during the migration of Charles Hulsey II. When one family member moved, the siblings moved at the same time or shortly thereafter.

Hulsey Family Southern Migration.
The Hulsey Southern Migration

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