The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.
Or, More Than You Ever Wanted to Know.
The Huff Family

Charles Mathew Huff

1835 – 1919

Married in 1860:
Mary Francis Bell
1838 - 1910


The Children of Robert Huff

Robert Huff
Sarah H. Huff

Huff Family

He was raised in his family’s home in the Glades Dist. He was 7 years of age when his father died in 1842. He was awarded 4 slaves (a mother and three children) from the estate. In 1850, he was living with William and Elizabeth Glenn in 1850 and was working as a farmer. As a minor, he owned four slaves at that time.

In 1856 he married Mary Francis Bell in 1856. He had received his portion of his father’ estate and bought a farm in Lexington Dist. He and his family, his wife and two children, had real estate valued at $ 700 and personal property valued at $ 5, 200 in 1860. He owned 4 slaves in that year. He may have operated a blacksmith’s shop in addition to being a farmer as listed in the Census.

He served in the 3rd Reg. Ga. Calvary (Ga. State Guards) for six months starting on Sept. 15, 1863. While the Battles of Chickamauga and Chattooga took place during his service, the 3rd Calvary did not see action serving as a patrolling force in the central Ga. area.

In 1869, he sold his share in the Sarah Huff Dower Lands for $ 75 to Henry Kinnebrew, his brother-in-law.

The 1870 Census found him, his wife and five children in Glades Dist. He earned his living as a blacksmith and had Alfred Brooks, a journeyman blacksmith, living in his home. He had no listing of property or personal property. (There was a large wagon manufacturing company at Pete’s Point at that time and he may have been working there.)

After the death of Sarah Huff, his mother, he purchased several items at the Estate Sale.

His farm of 90 acres was sold by the Sheriff in 1874 and he may have moved to Madison County at that time. He was living at Pocatalico, Madison Co., GA in 1880 with his wife and seven children. He was not shown as owning real estate and working as a farmer.

By 1900, he had moved to Grove Hill, Madison Co., GA near Comer, GA and was shown as a farmer. His wife and three adult children were living with him.

In 1910, he and his wife were living with his daughter, Sarah, and her husband, John B. Wade, in Athens, Clarke Co., GA. His wife, Mary, died later that year.

Charles M. Huff died in 1919 in Athens, GA, the last of his generation. His daughter, Sarah, had died three months before his death.

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