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The Hulsey Family - Charles Hulsey III

Charles Hulsey III
Third Generation, Second Son
Born: 2 July 1756 in Goochland, VA. Died: 7 Sep 1827 in Independence Co. AR
Spouseless Relationships:
 about 1772
Born about 1750, Died before 1789
2) Zilpahia Smalley
about 1789
Born: About 1770, Died: 1831 in Independence Co., AR

The Wives of Charles Hulsey III
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Charles Hulsey was born on July 2, 1756 in Goochland, VA of Charles Hulsey II and Hanna Witt as listed in the Douglas Registry. His parents were of English extraction.
He signed land transactions in SC and Franklin Co., GA with “his X mark.”

Early Life until 1800:
He lived in Goochland, VA, Albemarle, VA and Surry Co. NC with his family until they moved to Burke Co. NC in the 1770’s. Charles, Jr. (III) is shown on the 1774 Surry Co. Tax list.
Charles Hulsey is shown in various records of Burke Co, NC until 1779. He is not shown as serving in the Revolutionary War as two of his brothers did.

The grouping of birthdates of his children indicates that Charles fathered 3 different groups of children:

Asa, born 1773 while Charles was living in Surry Co, NC, was the child of an unknown mother in an unregistered union. Asa was later shown in the 1820 Census in Clarke Co., GA. Asa died in Walker Co, GA in 1850. It would have been impossible for his second wife, Zilphia Smalley (abt. 1770-1831), to have been the mother of Asa as she would have been 13 years of age at his birth.

The second group of children; Kelly (1790), Charles IV (1791), Harden (1794), Dicey (1796), Zilpahia (1798), Wiley (1800) and Allen (1801); were born in Greenville Dist., SC or Franklin Co., GA. These children may or may not have been the children of Zilphia Smalley. Because one daughter carried her first name, it is reasonable that Zilpahia Smalley was the mother of this group of children in an unrecorded marriage.

The third group of children; John (1810, Giles Co. TN), (Sarah 1812, Wilkerson Co., TN) and William B (1814, Independence Co., AR); are clearly the children of Zilpahia Smalley. Her father, Joseph Smalley, is cited as being from SC.

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas (Goodspeed Publishing Co. reprinted Southern Historical Press, 1978, 869 pages) contains, in its Independence Co. section, an entry on Kelly Monroe Hulsey:
It indentifies “Kelly and Sarah (Smalley) Hulsey” as the father of Kelly M. Hulsey. “His father (referring to the elder Kelly Hulsey) Charles Hulsey probably moved to Arkansas about 1811 or 1812 and was one of the earliest settlers…. Joseph Smalley the material grandfather of the subject of this sketch (Kelly M.) moved to Arkansas about 1812.”

Charles Hulsey II moved to Greenville Dist., SC about 1789 and Charles III followed shortly thereafter with his brothers James, Adonijah and Adler.
Charles III, using the name Hulsea, is shown in the 1790 Census in the Greenville Dist., SC with 3 males under 16, 1 male over 16 and 2 females.
Charles Hulsey III is a signatory of a road petition on Dec 10, 1792 in Greenville Dist. SC.
On June 7, 1793, Charles and his brothers signed a deed as sons and heirs of the late Charles Hulsey transferring the land that their father had purchased from Thomas Lewis in 1790.
The 1800 Census for Greenville Dist., SC listed Charles Hulsey with 3 free white persons 10 to 15 and 2 white persons 26 to 40. He moved to Franklin Co, GA shortly afterwards.

Life in GA, TN and AR:
Charles III begins paying taxes in Franklin Co., GA in 1800. He bought land on Gregg’s Creek of the Grove Branch of Broad River. This land was, at that time north of the Cherokee secession line and was technically Indian lands until the 1805 treaty. The area was surveyed by Theo Gregg and recorded by the State of Georgia in 1798, irrespective of the treaty requirements.
He purchased additional land, some recorded and some not, and sold land to his brother, Adler, in 1804. He last paid taxes in Franklin Co, GA in 1810. When he left Georgia, three of his children; Asa age 32, Charles IV age 19 and Dicey age 14; stayed behind.

Charles Hulsey, living in the Simms’ Settlement area in Giles Co., TN in 1810 signed a “Petition to the President/Congress, 5 Sept. 1810, by intruders on Chickasaw land-Elk River/Simms’ Settlement area seeking to remain on the land”…

In 1812 Charles Hulsey paid taxes in Franklin, Wilkerson Co., TN.

About 1812, Charles Hulsey relocated his family to Independence County AR (then Missouri Territory) where he remained the remainder of his life. He is first shown on the 1816 Tax List. Apparently the U.S Census did not canvas the then Arkansas Territory as he is not shown on the 1820 Census. He died in Batesville, Independence Co, AR on Sep. 7, 1827. His wife survived until 1831.

His Children:
Asa, his first child, may not have lived in Franklin Co., GA as he married in 1800 and was in Clarke Co., GA in 1803. He moved to Henry Co., GA and later to Walker Co., GA.

Kelly, Harden, Zilpahia, Wiley and Allen moved with him to TN in 1810 and later Independence Co., AR.
John and Sarah were born in TN and later moved to Independence Co. AR
Charles IV remained in Franklin and Hall Co., GA until 1825 when he moved to Carroll Co., GA, then legally part of the Cherokee Nation. This person is confused with Charles Hulsey, the son of Jesse Hulsey, Sr. While there may have been a son of Charles Hulsey III named Charles Hulsey IV, the listed records are for the son of Jesse Hulsey, Sr.

Dicey remained in Franklin Co. GA and married Henry C. Sinyard in 1823 in Hall Co., GA. The lived in Habersham and Hall Co., GA before moving to Paulding Co., GA about 1832. Again, Paulding was legally part of the Cherokee Nation at that time.

None of the Charles Hulsey III descendents remained in Hall Co., GA.

Charles Hulsey III moved much further than his brothers during his lifetime. His different residences were:
1756-1762 approx: Goochland Co. VA Age: 0-6
1760 approx.-1766: Albemarle Co. VA, Age 6-10
1766-1778: Halifax Co. VA and Surrey Co., NC, Age: 10-22
1778-1788: Burke Co. NC, Age: 22-32
1789-1800: Greenville Co. SC, Age: 32-44
1800-1810: Franklin Co., GA, Age: 44-54
1810-1811: Giles Co., TN, Age: 54-55
1811-1812: Wilkerson Co. TN, Age: 55-56
1812-1827: Independence Co., AR, Age 56-71

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