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The Hulsey Family - Charles Hulsey I

Charles Hulsey I
First Generation, Direct Ancestor, Born: Before 1695, Henrico Co. VA
Died: About 1721, Goochland Co., VA
Susannah Witt (?)
Born: 1700, New Kent, New Kent Co., VA, Died: 18 Nov. 1729, St. James Parish, Goochland, Co., VA

Susannah Witt
The Hulsey Family
The Head Family
The Huff Family

Parentage or Origin:
Possibly the grandchild of Peter Hulsey with a father possibly being John Hulsey. (See Peter Hulsey.)

A Dudley Diggs was granted a patent for 1900 acres on May 2, 1707 in (then) New Kent County for the transport of several persons including a Charles H—son. Mr. Diggs was also granted land in (now) Goochland Co. near land later owned by Huddsley. (Pero)

Land Transactions (Stan Coker, Sep. 28, 1999):
Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA, 1677-1737 by Benj. Weisinger, p 445, Apr. 9, 1705: Will of Hugh Jones, Planter. Witness: Henery Prewett, Charles Ballow, Charles Huddlesle.

Henrico Co. VA, Deeds, 1706-1737 by Weisinger: p. 118, Nov. 5 1716: John Webb of county and parish of Henrico (now Goochland) to Charles Huddlesy, for 12 pounds, land on the lower side of the westernmost branch of Beaver Dam Creek, bought of Joseph Pleasants, 300 acres. Witness: John Woodson, Stephen Hughes.

Virginia Patent Book, Book 11, Page 177/8: Feb. 18, 1722: Charles Hulsey, 85 acres being on the east side of mill pond lately belonging to Mrs. Alice Field, dec'd. (Very Hard to Read, possibly 1720 or the purchase was completed after Charles Hulsey's death.)

Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA, 1677-1737 by Benj. Weisinger, p 225, Court 7, Jan 7, 1722: Will of Charles Hudlesey presented by Susann Hudlesey, his executrix, and proved by oath of Elizabeth Bible and solemn affirmation of Stephen Hughes, a Quaker, two of the witness, John Gun and Robert Hughes, security, Robert Carol, Fra's Epplson, Thomas Biby and Peter Blake to appraise estate. Note: Remaining estate items quoted under Susannah Witt, wife of Charles Hulsey.

Goochland Co., VA, Wills & Deeds, p __, Jan 16,1732: Deed from John Web of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to Samuel Pearce of same, 100 ac for 20 pounds, bounded by the north side of Beaver Dam Creek on north side of James River, which land was left John Web by Charles Hulsey in his will. Witness: James Goodall, Walter Leak, Robert Christian.

With the normal period of service being 7 years, if Charles Hulsey had been transported by Mr. Diggs, he would not have been free until 1714. We find a reference to Charles Hulsey in 1705. The conclusion is that Charles Hulsey was not the person transported by Mr. Diggs and he may have been a descendent of Peter Hulsey.

Charles Hulsey would have to have been of age to have born witness to a deed. Thus the standard date of birth is late and his date of birth would have been before 1695. The date has been changed accordingly. The actual date and year of his birth is unknown.

The Probate of the Will of Charles Hulsey states his death as before Jan 8, 1722. The stated death date has been changed to “bef. 1722.”

The dates of the birth of his children have been changed accordingly. The births of his two younger sons may have occurred after his death as we do not know the exact date of birth.

Apparently, Charles Hulsey wished to provide for his children. The transfer of part of his property to Charles Webb may have been an effort to guarantee this. Alternatively, Charles may have wished to settle an obligation to Webb without placing this property in the hands of the probate process. The relationship between Charles and James Webb remains undiscovered.

Another parcel of property, 85 acres “on the east side of the mill pond,” remained in the estate and provided for his wife, Savannah.

Goochland VA Hulsey Land
Possible Hulsey Land, Goochland, VA

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