Bertie Head aged.Bertie L. Head young.  The Hulsey, Head and Huff Families of North Georgia.

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The Hulsey Family - Bertie Lenora Head

Bertie Lenora Head
Born: 16 Apr 1885 in White Co., GA
Died: 6 Jun 1978 in Gainesville, Hall Co., GA
Married in 1907:
William Harrison Hulsey
Born: 12 Jan, 1882 in Mossy Creek, White Co., GA
Died: 9 Aug 1974, Cleveland, White Co., GA

William H. Hulsey
The Hulsey Family
The Head Family
The Huff Family

Bertie Lenora Head, born on 16 Apr 1885 and was one of six children of Joseph McDonald “Mack” Head (1862-1920) and Laura May Smith (1866-1943), his second wife. The Head family was of English ancestry, tracing their roots back to 1834 in VA. Her grandfather, Isaac Marion Head (1835-1864) nefer returned from the Civil War. Her grandmother, Amanda Pierce (1829-1914), returned to Hall County from Chattooga County in a one-horse wagon in the mist of the Civil War with four small boys, including Mack Head.

The family had a difficult time at first and went into lumber cutting and a sawmill. Mack Head had made sufficient funds to buy a farm on the Post Road in the Mossy Creek Dist. by the 1870’s. Because of his upbringing, he was almost totally self-sufficient on his farm, including their food and clothing. By the time that Bertie Head was a teenager, Mac Head was a well-off farmer

She married William H. Hulsey in 1907 when he was age 25 and she was of age 22. During their life, she gave birth to seven children of which six survived to adulthood.

She kept the home and would not work in the fields. She did, however, grow a substantial garden until well into her sixties. For many years, she made her own lie soap. She was very religious, attending church every Sunday. While normally a Baptist, she attended the local Methodist Church on those dates that the Baptist Church was not holding services.

She trained her daughters in the household arts and one of her favorite sayings to her daughters was “You can’t cook on the front porch.” Her daughters grew up to be good cooks.

She had a major illness about 1912 and spent six months in Emory hospital in Atlanta. In her later years she often became irrational and her family had a difficult time with her. She spent the last eight years in nursing homes because of a heart condition. She survived her husband by two years and died on 6 June 1976.

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