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The Head Family - Amanda  C. Pierce

Amanda C. Pierce
Born: 12 Dec, 1835, Hal Co., GA
Died: 8 Mar, 1914, Hall Co., GA

1) Isaac Marion Head (1835-1864),
4 Jun, 1855, Lumpkin Co., GA
2) Martin A. Jones (1823-1906),
1883, Lumpkin Co., GA.

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Amanda C. Pierce was the child of Andrew Sampson Pierce and Rachel Barnes, a long-established family living in the Wahoo community of north Hall County. She married Isaac Marion Head of Lumpkin Co. GA on January 4, 1855.

The new family bought a farm in north Hall County near Clermont shortly after their marriage. Two children, George Washington Head and C. A. Head, were born in Hall Co. C. A. died as an infant in 1858 in either Hall or Walker County.

In either 1858 or 1859, the family moved to Cedar Grove, Walker Co., GA where Isaac’s brother, James Washington Head, lived. The family was not shown in the Walker Co., GA Census and no land was recorded in the Walker Co., records. Benjamin M., their third son, was born in 1861. Isaac Marion Head was conscripted into the Confederate Calvary in May of 1862. Their forth son, Jasper McDonald, was born in 1862 after his enlistment and a fifth son, I. P. Sampson, was born in 1863.

In either late 1863 or early 1864, Amanda fled the war zone and relocated across the war zone to her father’s home in Hall Co., GA using a one-horse wagon to carry her four small sons and a few household goods. Her husband never returned from the war and she considered herself a widow.

Amada Pierce Head lived near her father on (now) George Barnes Road for a short time and then moved to a small farm at the northwest intersection of (now) Kennimer Road and (then) Slabtown Road and now known as Shoal Creek Road about 1866. She apparently owned the farm as she was shown in the 1870 Census as owning $ 400 in real estate and $ 225 in personal property. No deed in her name is shown on the Hall Co. property records for this farm.

The first few years that the family lived on this property were difficult years with little to show for the family’s labor on a bare sustenance level. These difficult years were apparent in the lives of her sons as they generally lived frugal lives and husbanded their resources. Among other issues, I. P. Samson Head was illiterate as a young man as there was very little money for schooling.
The 1870 Census showed her as age 31 with real property worth $ 400 and personal property worth $ 225. Her sons, Washington (14), Mc Donald (10), Marion (8) and Sampson (5), were shown in her home. She was shown as “keeping house” and her older sons were show as “working on farm.”

In 1871, Amanda was able to purchase a new farm composed of 40 acres on (now) Shoal Creek Road at the White County line and the adjoining 150 acres on Walker Mountain in White County for $ 375. (Hall Co., GA Deed Records Book J, page 492). Her sons, ranging in age from 15 to 8, begin cutting the lumber from the Walker Mountain land and eventually established comfortable to wealthy lives beginning with the proceeds from this land.

In 1880, Amanda Head was living on the Shoal Creek Road property with her three younger sons. She was shown as a farmer. George Washington Head had married and moved out in 1879. Mac Head married in late 1880 and moved to Mossy Creek in White Co., GA. Benjamin married in 1884 and I. P. Samson married in 1883. See separate write-ups on the each of the sons.
Also in 1883, Amanda Head married Martin L. Jones and moved to Cain Creek in Lumpkin Co., GA. Martin L. Jones had been twice widowed and had 3 teenage children in his home at the time of their marriage. She was shown in his home in the 1900 Census and apparently resided there until his death in 1906.

I. P. Sampson resided on the Shoal Creek Road land and purchased it from Amada Pierce Head Jones in 1886. The Deed was not recorded until 1897.

After her second husband’s death, she moved back to I. P. Sampson’s home in Clermont, GA where she was shown as Amanda Jones in the 1910 Census. Amanda Pierce Head Jones died on 8 March, 1914 and is buried in the Concord Baptist Church Cemetery under the name “Amanda Pierce.”
The Phases of Amanda Pierce’s Life:
Marriage to Isaac Marion Head: 1855-1864, 9 years. br>Widowed with children: 1864-1883, 19 years.
MMarriage to Martin L. Jones: 1883-1906, 23 years.
Widowed, second time: 1906-1914, 8 years.
George Washington Head (1856-1925) married Amanda Boyd (1856-1928), seven children. See “The Three Head Brothers of North Hall County.”br>Charles A. Head (1857-1858. Died as an infant.
Benjamin Marion F. P. Head (1861-1944) married Nevada Martha “Vadie” Rogers (1867-1952), eight children. See “The Three Head Brothers of North Hall County.”
Jasper McDonald “Mac” Head (1862-1920) Married 1) Laura J. Dean, one child; 2) Laura May Smith (1866-1943), five children. See separate article. See “The Three Head Brothers of North Hall County.”
I. P. Samson Head (1863-1937) married Alice Mendora Staton, six children. See “The Three Head Brothers of North Hall County.”

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