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The Head Family - Alexander Spence Head

Alexander Spence Head

Born: 1721 in Spotsylvania Co., VA
Died: 16 Dec 1797, Berkley Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA
Married before 1754
Sarah NMN
Born: 9 Nov, 1725, Spotsylvania Co., VA
Died: 21 Jun, 1807, Berkley Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA

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He was born in St. George Parrish, Spotsylvania Co., VA and trained as a Physician. He owned a townhouse and a medical practice in Fredericksburg, VA. He was a Member of the House of Burgess for the Royal Colony of VA before the Revolutionary War.

He was a planter with extensive holdings in Spotsylvania County and neighboring Orange County in addition to his medical practice.

In addition to his home plantation in St. George Parrish, he is shown with land purchases of 372 acres over the years in St. George/Berkley Parrish. He also leased 168 acres, known as Edings Springs, from his brother, Henry Head. He is shown as owning 13 slaves in 1783. He was also involved in business dealings with his brother, Benjamin Head of Orange Co., VA. He was a planter of more-than-moderate means in his later years.

Political Jurisdictions: St. George Parrish was renamed Berkley Parrish during the life of Alexander Spence Head.


John S. Head (1745-1796). Relocated to Pickens Dist., SC before 1775, moved to Davie Co., NC before 1796, and moved to Westmoreland Co. VA before his death. Two children listed. Two sons, Charles S. Head and Isaac Head, later lived in Lumpkin Co., GA. Charles died in Lumpkin Co., GA in 1847 and Isaac died in Lumpkin Co., GA in 1855.

Henry Head (1746-1798). He remained in Spotsylvania Co., VA and purchased two parcels of land from his father. Apparently he was not active in the Revolutionary War. No children listed.

Benjamin Head (1748-1808). Not to be confused with his uncle of the same name, he served in the Revolutionary War as a Captain in Bland’s Horse, later known as the 1st Continental Light Dragoons. He was captured by the British in SC in 1880 and was released in 1883. He later moved to KY and died at the Forks of the Elkhorn, KY. Eleven children listed.

David Head (1748-1782). He remained in VA and purchased land from his father. He later lived in Westmoreland Co., VA. Three children listed.

Alexander Spence Head, Jr. (1750-?). Nothing further known.

Joseph Head (1750-?). Nothing further known.

Jones Isaac Head (1758-1820). Trained as a blacksmith, he moved to Westmoreland Co., VA. He is shown as living in (later) Gaddistown, Union Co., GA at the time of his death. The listed place of death is doubtful as this area was in the Cherokee Nation until 1835. He may have been confused with another of the same name.  No children listed.

James (Jimmy) Head (1760-1830). See Separate Article.

Map:  Alexander Spence Head

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