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The Hulsey Family - Adonijah Hulsey.

Adonijah Hulsey
Third Generation, Fourth Son, Direct Ancestor

Born: 1762 in Albemarle Co., VA,
Died: 1830 in Hall Co., GA
Spouseless Relationship
about 1785 in Burke Co., NC:
Sarah NMN
Born about 1765 in Burke Co., NC,
Died: 5 Sep 1831 in Hall Co., GA

Sarah, Wife of Adonijah Hulsey
Land Transactions
The Hulsey Family
The Head Family
The Huff Family

He was born in Albemarle Co. VA where his father Charles Hulsey II resided at that time. He was of English ancestry. During his life he used the name “Donley” or “Doney,” as did one of his sons.

Early Life:
He moved with his father to Halifax Co. VA and Surrey Co. NC. His family moved to Burke Co. NC by 1778.

He was illiterate his entire life, signing with a mark. He is not shown as owning property in Burke Co. NC, Greenville Co. SC or Jackson (later Hall), GA until 1815. Many deeds were not recorded in NC, SC or GA during this period.

He is not shown as serving in the Revolutionary War as two of his brothers did. He probably served in the local militia during times of Indian raids.

He entered into a spouseless relationship with Sarah NMN about 1785 about age 23. His first son, Dempsey, was born the following year in Burke Co.

He had moved to Greenville Co. SC by 1790 where he was reported in the 1790 Census with 3 sons under the age 16, 1 male over the age 16 and 2 females. In 1793, he signed as an heir a deed transferring his father's property.

Georgia Life:
The 1800 and 1810 Census for GA was destroyed and we have no references for that period. Probably Adonijah moved to GA by 1802 as his son, Charles Terrell, is shown as being born in Franklin Co. GA. He did not register deeds unless a subsequent buyer required it.

In 1815 he was granted a 1612 acre tract as a Headright Grant by the State of GA in Jackson (now Hall) Co., GA. He sold that tract to James Rylie for $ 30 the same year. In these transactions he probably acted as a straw grantee for James Rylie, a common practice at the time. (A person could file for only one Headright Grant under GA Law. This was the second large tract obtained by James Rylie.)

He purchased a 700 acre tract on the N. Oconee River in 1818. It is likely he had been living on this tract for some time before its purchase. He is shown the same year as an adjoining owner to a parcel owned by his brother, Adler. (Hall County was formed from Jackson Co. in 1818 and a tract of land could be shown in either county that year.)

The 1820 Census for Hall County lists Adonijah Hulsey, Sr. with 2 males 10 to 15 (Charles Terrell?, Jordan?), 1 Male 16 to 25 (Hiram?), 1 male 45 and over (Adonijah), 3 females 10 to 15 (unknown), 1 female 16 to 44 (Dicey), and 1 female over 45 (Sarah). Nine other persons were shown on the property. These people were probably some of his children and their families. The 3 unknown females may have been Adonijah's granddaughters or part of Sarah's extended family. He is shown as owning one slave in 1820.

Between 1821 and 1823, Adonijah sold his land to some of his children in a series of transactions complicated by deed recordings far after the sale date. The reason that his children paid a market price for the land was probably to provide for the other heirs of Adonijah. Each sale is listed below.

To Charles Terrell Hulsey on June 26, 1821, recorded on March 26, 1823, 250 acres for $ 50. Charles Terrell resided on this land until about 1839-1840. He then moved to Paulding Co., GA.

To Jesse (aka Hamilton) Hulsey on Sep. 19, 1821, recorded on June 5, 1829, 290 acres for $ 100. No following transaction has been found. Jesse Hamilton moved to NC by 1824 and later moved to TN, first to McMinn Co. and then to Hamilton Co.

To Hiram Hulsey on Oct. 9, 1821, recorded on June 6, 1832, 150 acres for $ 250. Hiram sold this land on March 4, 1822, recorded June 17 1832, to William Henderson. This property was the later site of William Head's Mill and an earlier smaller mill may have been built on this site by Adonijah or William Henderson. Hiram had moved to KY before 1827, returned to Hall Co. by 1827, moved to Crittenden Co. AR before 1835 and died in Carroll Co. AR in 1860.

To Joel Hulsey on Dec. 4, 1823, recorded on Dec. 4, 1823, 110 acres for $ 100. Joel Hulsey sold this land on June 17, 1823, recorded on March 17, 1824. Joel had moved to KY before 1817, returned to Hall Co. by 1820 and moved back to KY before 1826.

The year of his death is unknown. It could have been any year between 1823 and 1830. The year 1830 is used as he was not shown in the Census that year.

Adonijah and his family may have resided on Charles Terrell's land until his death in 1830.

His Children:
John Hulsey did not live in Hall Co. He moved from Franklin Co., GA to Elbert Co., GA in 1809. He later moved to Lincoln Co. TN.
Joel Hulsey moved to KY in 1817, returned to Hall Co., GA by 1820 and moved to Oldham, KY after 1824.
Jordan Hulsey moved to AL about 1822.
Jesse (Hamilton) Hulsey after 1822 moved to North Carolina, later moved to McMinn Co. TN and resided in Hamilton Co., TN during his later years.
Adonijah Hulsey, Jr. moved to Barrens Co., KY after 1822.
Hiram Hulsey moved to KY in 1824, returned to Hall Co., GA in 1828 and moved to AR in 1834. See separate biography.
Dempsey Hulsey moved to Robertson Co. TN after 1831.
Vincent Nicholas moved to Walker Co., GA after 1832 and later resided in Catoosa Co., GA. See separate biography.
Micajah Hulsey moved to Paulding Co., GA about 1834.
Charles Terrell Hulsey moved to Paulding Co., GA in 1839. He is shown there in the 1870 Census. He moved back to Hall Co. shortly before his death.

The only known descendent (that had children) of Adonijah Hulsey to remain in Hall Co., GA was Jessie Harrison Hulsey (1824-1908), the son of Hannah Hulsey and Vincent Hulsey.

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