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The Hulsey Family - Adler Hulsey

Adler Hulsey
Third Generation, Fifth Son
Born: 1765 in Halifax Co., VA
Died: 21 Apr 1845 in Hall Co., GA
Spouseless Relationship:

1) Sally NMN before 1791 in Burke Co. (?) SC
Born: About 1772 in NC
Died: 1730 in Hall Co., GA

2) Mary Kettle on 24 June 1839 in Hall Co., GA
Born: 1793 in Greenville Dist., SC
Died: After 1850 in Hall Co., GA

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Adler Hulsey was born in 1765 in Halifax Co, VA or Albemarle Co., VA to Charles Hulsey II and Hanna Witt. The exact location is unclear as the family moved about 1765 or 1766. The family was of English extraction.

Early Life in VA, NC and SC:
He moved with family to Surry Co., NC and to Burke Co., NC in 1778.
He signed his name with an X his entire life. He was too young to have served in the Revolutionary Was as two of his brothers did.
He, and his father and brothers, moved to Greenville District, SC about 1789. He entered into an unrecorded relationship with Sally (possibly Cagle) before 1790 in Burke Co. NC. He is shown in the 1790 Census as “Auldier Hulsea” with his wife.
He, and his brothers, signed a deed transferring his father’s property on June 7, 1793 in Greenville Co., SC. All brothers signed with an X using the name Hulsea.
He fathered two children, Charles and Temperance, in South Carolina and a third, Armistead, in either SC or GA in 1800.
He was not shown in the SC 1800 Census, indicating that he had moved to Franklin Co., GA by that date as did his brothers James, Charles and Adonijah by 1800.

Life in GA:
Adler Hulsey is first listed in the Franklin Co. Tax Records in 1808 as owning 245 acres. He also owned 200 acres in Okmulgee Co., GA. He continued to pay taxes in Franklin Co. until 1822. He is shown as a slave owner from 1808 until the end of his life.

In 1818 he is shown as owning 139 acres in then Jackson, now Hall, Co. adjacent to his brother Adonijah.
Between 1800 and 1818, his family grew by six additional children.

The 1820 Census for Adler Hulsey found 6 males under 18, 2 males 18 to 26, 1 male over 45, 3 females under 16 and 1 female 45 and over for a total of 13 persons in his household. Two males under 18 and one female under 10 do not correspond to the listed members of his family. He is shown as owning no slaves in 1820.

In 1821 and 1822 he bought a total of 436 acres on the west side of the Chattahoochee River in Land Dist. 10 in north Hall County. This property was about two miles west of the home of his brother Adonijah. With a considerable amount of bottom land along the river, this was a valuable farm.

His first wife, Sally Cagle, died in 1830 and he married Mary Kettle nine years later in 1839. (Mary Kettle earlier had an unregistered relationship with Charles Adler Hulsey, his nephew and son of his brother James. This relationship lasted at least 21 years and resulted in the birth of two named children, Burrell and Lidia, and 6 others whose names have not survived.) One source states that he divorced Mary Kettle, but his will stated “I give and devise to my wife Mary Hulsey Twenty five dollars, also one Feather Bed.”

Adler Hulsey’s household, as shown in the 1830 Census, contained 2 free white males under 20, 1 free white male 20 to 29, 1 free white male 50 to 59, 2 free white females under 14, 1 free white female 50 to 59 and 6 slaves in one family. Adler and Sally are clearly identified, but the younger members of the family do not correspond to any of his sons. The younger members od the family may have been the children of one of his sons. Adler, Jr. is found in the East Hall area, indicating that Adler, Sr. still owned the east Hall property that he bought in 1818.

Between 1833 and 1840 Adler Hulsey sold three parcels to relatives:
1833, June 10, 1833, Hall Co., Book D, Page 322: Adler Hulsey, Sr. to Barwell (Burrell) Hulsey, 50 ac., Land Lot 170, 12th Dist. (10th Dist), part of 170 ac. Tract along creek. Witness: Elijah Hulsey, Demdey Hulsey. Note: There is not a Land Lot 170 in the12th Dist. Burrell Hulsey (1804-1881), f. James Adler Hulsey (1783-1832), m. Mary Kettle (1783-?), Charles Hulsey II (1726-1790). Mary Kettle was the second wife of Adler Hulsey.

Feb. 19, 1835, May 14, 1839, Book E, Page 231: Adler Hulsey to William Hulsey (son), ? ac., Land Lot 171 and part of Land Lot 170, Mouth of Dog Creek, Burrell Hulsey, Adler Hulsey and Chattahoochee River. Witness: Hiram X Hulsey, Wiley Boid (Boyd).

Feb. 27, 1840, Feb. 27, 1857, Hall Co., Book H, Page 562: Adler Hulsey, Sr. to James J. (Jasper) Hulsey (son), 50 ac., $ 200, Land Lot 170, 12th Dist. (10th Dist.), Mouth of Dog Creek and the Chattahoochee River, bounded by Thos. F. Suddath. Witness: William Sitton, Armsted Whitlock. Note: There is not a Land Lot in the 12th Dist. The deed was not recorded for 17 years as Adler Hulsey designated the use of this land for the support of his grandchildren until their majority.

In the late 1830’s Adler traveled to Crittenden Co. and Carroll Co., AR to visit his children settled there. This trip lasted over two years.

The 1840 Census listed 1 white male 15 to 19, 1 free white male 60 to 69, and 1 free white female 15 to 19. Adler Hulsey is clearly listed and the two younger persons may have either been grandchildren or been servants. Mary Kettle, his wife at that time, was not present in the home. The 11 slaves shown in the household correspond to those listed in his 1843 will.

Adler Hulsey died in 1845 and left a detailed will. He listed a total of 11 slaves (3 adults and 8 children) of various ages. His sons, Armistead and James, received the slaves as two separate families and were both required to pay various sums totaling $2,101.00 to the other heirs.
Adler Hulsey is buried in an unmarked grave in the Hulsey Cemetery on the land he owned at the end of N. Browning Bridge Road.

His Children:
Ache Hulsey married Alexander Boyd. She and her family moved to AR before 1830.
Elijah Hulsey moved to AR before 1835.
William Hulsey moved to AR after 1840.
Temperance Hulsey married Bruce Boyd. She died in 1840 in Hall Co., GA leaving 10 children. Some of her descendents remain in north Georgia.
Rice Hulsey married Thomas Bearden. She died in Hall Co., GA in 1844. None of her children remained in Hall Co., GA.
Adler, Jr. Hulsey died in Hall Co., GA in 1845. Some of his descendents remain in Hall Co., GA.
Armistead Hulsey moved to AR after 1845.
Charles Hulsey died in 1860 in Hall Co., GA leaving four daughters.
James Jasper Hulsey died in Hall Co., GA in 1865. Some of his descendents remain in north Georgia.

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